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How to Get Fit for Basic Training

By Jack Prenter / May 29, 2017

Quick Navigation Cardio: How to improve your enduranceHow to progress each weekStrength Training: Becoming strongerSample routineOverall ‘Get Fit’ Routine:Diet: Feeding the beastLosing weightGaining weight Each year tens of thousands of young men and women will go off to bootcamp and join a branch of our military. Basic training involves a large amount of fitness and […]


Push Pull Legs Workout Split

By Jack Prenter / April 3, 2017

The Push, Pull, Legs split has been popular for decades. It’s an excellent way to split up your workout that gives you a good amount of time for each muscle to recover before you train it again.This routine is ideal for people who have 6-days ​to work out per week. If you have 5-days then […]