How Can You Impress Women? 4 Tips For Every Man

How to impress women

Impressing women is a skill that every man wishes they had, most don’t realize that it’s easier than they think. A few simple tips can go a long way, it won’t turn you into a womanizer overnight, but what it will do is improve your odds of success. Our basic human biology has changed less from the ancient days than we may think, in fact, our basic attraction is rooted in the same factors.

Women, generally (not all), look for strength, attractiveness, intelligence and the ability to provide. Fortunately, all of these are within our control, to a greater or lesser extent. At the end of the day, if you’re not putting effort into yourself, you don’t deserve the affection of the girl you’re lusting after. You need to prove to that person that you can take care of yourself, not only that, but that you take pride in yourself.

Wear decent clothes

It’s always shocking how few guys bother to pick out clothes that at least fit them. I’d go as far as saying that MOST men wear clothes that don’t fit them, whether it’s baggy jeans or a skin-tight shirt, going to a tailor and getting your favorite clothes fitted it a great investment. It might only cost you $15 to get a pair of jeans tailored and it’ll make a huge difference to how they fit you.

Uniqlo Oxford Cloth Buttondown

Secondly, throw out your graphic t-shirts and old sport jerseys. For the love of all that is good, don’t expect to be wooing any hearts when you dress like that. Stick to the basics and wear solid, plain clothes that have suited men for years. A good pair of dark jeans and a dress shirt still looks fantastic.

A common misconception is that you have to spend a lot of money on clothes and that’s just not true. You can pick most of the items we would recommend for $20 - $30 a piece and they’ll last you far longer than that faded Star Wars t-shirt that should never have seen the light of day.

Groom Yourself

If you have facial hair then you need to clean it up, trim the sides and shave any stray hairs, if you’re clean shaven then make sure you’re actually clean shaven. Nothing is worse then seeing missed hairs or a guy who didn’t shave that day, spend 10-minutes and clean yourself up.

Also, you should be going to the hairdresser at least once a month. If you haven’t been in over a month and you don’t have a good reason (i.e. I’m broke, I’m growing it out or I can’t leave my house), then you need to go down today and get it cut. A fresh haircut makes a huge difference to your appearance. Take a photo to your hairdresser of what you think you want and ask their opinion. If they are any good, they’ll be able to tell you whether it will suit your face shape and give you suggestions.

A clean cream watch with a blue and cream NATO strap

Grooming is about taking care of the extra’s too. This means shaving your pubic hair, using a nice cologne, trimming your nails and using some lotion. These additions to your grooming range will make a huge difference. If you don’t believe that women notice long finger nails then you’re naive.

Send Her a Gift

I debated about whether I would include this on the list and obviously decided that I should. Gifts are a touchy subject for many men, some believe that by doing things like paying for the woman at dinner or giving them a gift, you are telling them that they are worth more than you. To be honest, we agree with that observation. But we understand that it’s one of societies more ridiculous rules and that it’s important to play the game.

Gifts don’t need to be expensive. If money does play any role in the value the woman places in the gift, which it will to an extent, then it’s based upon the percentage of your income that was spent. Most women will recognize that you can’t always afford to buy them new jewelry and will be ecstatic that you bought them a small bouquet of flowers or a bar of chocolate. It’s not all about the money though, the thought and personalization goes a long way.

Keep Yourself Fit

Keeping fit plays two parts in attraction; it improves your body and makes you a more attractive mate and it tells the woman that you have the dedication and strength to pursue an activity that will improve yourself. These are two very different things, one is physical and the other is mental.

Keeping fit it a challenge for most of us and since so few of us have the dedication to workout multiple times per week it’s an attractive quality to see in a potential partner.

Keep yourself fit

Getting to the gym and improving your body is great for your physical appearance but also your own confidence, both of which will directly correlate to your success with women. We would recommend that you start lifting weights, we wrote about a Push/Pull/Legs routine recently and there are plenty of other options out there. Even joining a local recreational sports team or just going for a walk each day is better than doing nothing, all of these small improvements will not only improve yourself but also give you better odds with women.

Educate Yourself

Just as exercise is an excellent way to improve your body, you should also be striving to improve your mind. Education shouldn’t stop when you leave school, you should always be trying to improve yourself and to learn more about this fascinating world that we live in.

There are millions of books out there on a equally vast range of topics, there are going to be thousands of books which interest you and it’s your responsibility to find them and learn from them. Unfortunately, in Western culture there seems to be little desire for education from many men. It’s no surprise then that many of us think that we are boring. If you think that you’re not interesting or don’t have anything to talk about, then you’re not doing enough. Find something that interests you, even slightly, then read about it, watch films about it and talk to others about it.

Be a Good Person

We all go through stages in our lives where we have struggles, where we do things that we regret and where we make mistakes. It’s important that we learn from them and improve ourselves.

There is this myth among men that by being rude to women you’ll be able to attract them. I wouldn’t totally dismiss it either, it would be naive and wrong of me to say that this idea has no merit.

This crude humor and ‘banter’ is attractive to women, in many cases, because it’s different. They are accustomed to guys wooing over them and being nice, they are looking for something different. However, when you take it too far you will only start to attract women that have their own issues.

Fortunately, you can still have sharp humor that is interesting to women without crossing the line into being a bad person. Regardless, being a good and kind person is an attractive quality. Don’t fall into the dogma that being mean keeps them keen, it’s not true and it’s a slippery slope into become a person that you would rather not be.

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