James Bond – Kills, Partners and Drinks

James Bond kill count graph

The James Bond movie series is one of the most popular and long-running movie series of all times. First appearing on our screens in 1962, Bond has travelled the globe to save his country for over 5-decades. We've had the pleasure of seeing 6 different actors play the iconic character, all with slightly different interpretations and mannerisms.

The data that we used came from ​007museum.com, the Movie Maker and also from watching the latest Craig movies to get any remaining data which we couldn't find from any reliable sources. There are many graphs and data sets across the internet about the amount of people Bond kills and the drinks he has, but many of them are off-base or make large assumptions. In this graph we decided to plot the average (mean) kills, partners and units of alcohol, against each actor.

When we counted the kills we only counted deaths where we saw the character before or during the death, or where there was a reasonable assumption that they had died e.g; they were in the building that exploded and you never see that character again. Sexual partners were counted by a similar measure, where there was a sex-scene or strong suggestion that the characters had slept together.

Calculating the units of alcohol that Bond drank was by far the hardest data to gather, in many scenes Bond only starts to drink and we never see him finish the glass. Similarly, he often pours glasses and never drinks from them. Therefore, we decided that if he had started the drink and there was no suggestion that he didn't finish it, we assumed that he did.​ The units of alcohol were then calculated using the UK Unit Calculator.

We've included trend lines across the data to show changes in the series through the years. It's very evident that the amount of people Bond kills has increased greatly since 1962. Across all of our media we see more death than ever and these trends through the Bond films are likely to be representative of changes in culture and public acceptance, rather than the other way around.​

On the other hand, there has been a decrease in sexual partners. Again, we can interpret from this data that the Bond films are adapting (to some extent) to the times. We are seeing stronger female characters, older Bond girls and greater equality.​

The most interesting trend, to us, is the slight increase in units of alcohol consumed. What's more surprising is just how much Craig drinks when compared to the other Bond actors. However, if we discount Spectre from the data, the difference is even more striking. In the graph, Bond averages 16 units of alcohol per movie, without Spectre that would go up to 20, double Lazenby and quadruple what Dalton averaged.​

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