Popularity of Beards by State 2016

By Jack Prenter / April 15, 2017
Beard popularity by state

To create this map we looked at Google Trends data around the topic of "beards" and took the data from each state.

Google Trends looks at the amount of searches about any given topic ​as a percentage of the overall searches from that area. This helps to normalize the data and considers what people are searching for in each state rather than using raw data that would obviously favor the states with the greatest population.

The data is then normalized against other states on a scale of 0-100 to show you trends between different sized states.

​We can see from the map that the biggest beard loving states are:

West Virginia, Wyoming, Kentucky, Alaska​ and Utah.

​It would be interesting to track some of this data against other sets of data such as; age, political affiliation, income and education.

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