What on Earth is a RompHim and Why Does it Exist?

Romphim is horrible

Try not to vomit whilst you look at these images. We promise that this article won't be too long and then you can get back to looking at more appealing fashion statements that don't cry out for attention that they don't deserve.

The RompHim is the latest fashion mistake that is bound to gain popularity. It seems to be that the worse the clothes are the more they gain acceptance, just look at the latest trainers that Nike have released and retreat back to safety in your wardrobe.

The RompHim took what was an attractive and feminine piece of clothing, the bodysuit, added a zipper and then made much larger humans wear it. The unfortunate thing is that one slimmer models it actually doesn't look bad.​

About Romphim

The problem is that it's contouring. It has a tightening waistband which seems like a great feature, but mens bodies aren't going to contour in the same way as your girlfriends. Look at the founders above, the guy in the middle doesn't look horrible. The other guys look ill-fitted and childlike.

The problem is that it goes against the fit that most men will want, which is to offer a very definite break between their shirts and trousers so that you look taller, your upper body looks leaner and to give you a V-taper.

This does the complete opposite and that's why it's fundamentally ​ugly.

Regardless of that, I have to at least compliment them and say that I admire what they are doing. They are trying to add some options and excitement to an industry that is generally stale. Even across "streetwear" there is very little creativity and that's okay. But at least this has created some conversation and might inspire something better.

Alas, they've already surpassed their goal on Kickstarter and so it looks like we'll see at least a few men wearing them this summer.​


If you look at the photo above you might even think that it looks attractive. That's because it does.

On a gorgeous model, in a photoshoot and without seeing the bottom part of the piece. As a summer shirt they are actually quite appealing and the shorts aren't unattractive either. The problem is how they are fitted and that they connect with no break.

Maybe, I'm just not fashion-forward enough or willing to change.

To me, the patterned pieces are just about passable whereas the pastel ones should be illegal. Have you ever seen a baby in their onesie? That's what you look like.

Now, if someone could create a mens bodysuit that looked like a shirt so that they never came untucked... That, I would buy! (Paging the RompHim team, cut the shorts into a bodysuit)

I think I'm losing my mind.​

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