The Shaving Blogs You Need To Be Reading!

Top Shaving Blogs

The shaving world is filled with countless blogs, guides and videos. This can make it hard to sift through the noise and find the quality bloggers and websites which you should be paying attention to. To help you, we've created a list of the places which we think you should be going for all your shaving content.

Ps. This is a growing list, so if you feel like anything is missing then please leave a comment below and we'll look into adding it to this list.


Sharpologist is known for its quality content, a unique and humorous writing style and for their own shop. If you're ever interested in learning more about the intricacies of shaving from one of my favorite writers in the business then make sure to head over and say hi to Mark.

Becoming An Old Man

This blog is my spirit animal. Shaving, whiskey and humor - what's not to love? Being British and having a tendency to enjoy far too much Glenfiddich (15 year old preferably), this blog gives me hope that I'll be able to age as gracefully and enjoy a close cut and a tumbler of whiskey for many years to come!

The Grooming Lounge

Michael, the founder of the grooming lounge writes for The Grooming Guys Blog which covers shaving and topics related to the company - all with good humor and an informed opinion. It's refreshing to see that someone who founded such a successful company still takes the time to write to his audience and to share not only updates on the company, but to also give advice to other male grooming addicts.

Leisure Guy

Michael is the founder of Leisure Guy and he was also the first man to popularize the Shave of the Day trend that has become so common. Michael posts most everyday about what gear he's using and how he enjoyed it. If you're looking for some light reading with your morning coffee, this is a fantastic blog. Keep up the great work Michael!

Why I Wet Shave

This blog is excellent for beginners to wet shaving because Matt is constantly reviewing the latest products. As well as this, he has some fascinating interviews with leaders in the space and commentaries on popular questions such as "What should I get in my first straight razor kit?"

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