The Most Gorgeous Hotels in the World by City

By Jack Prenter / June 21, 2017
Best gorgeous luxury hotels


The Mark

The Mark in Manhattan is a 5-star hotel that offers you the ultimate luxury. A combination of traditional service and contemporary design makes this a must-stay for the luxury traveller.

At The Mark anything is possible. With incomparable personal service, you can live in The Mark without limits.

The design is exquisite and the rooms are still comfortable. Unlike many NYC hotels, this feels like a hotel where you would want to rest your head. It doesn’t look like an art gallery. Everything is there for a purpose, to make your stay as smooth as possible.


Viceroy Beverly Hills

The Viceroy really has thought of everything. This is a hotel for the rich and famous, it has everything you could ever need and a brilliant concierge.

Fit with a luxury cinema, offices, in-room kitchens and every other luxury your heart could desire. The Viceroy is classified as Five Diamond by AAA and five-stars by Forbes. If you’re going to spend a night in LA then you might as well spend it at the Viceroy.


Trump International Hotel Chicago

The Trump in Chicago is one of only ten-hotels in the entire world that can boast a Forbes five-star hotel and restaurant. It’s a truly outstanding hotel that deserves all the recognition that is receives.

With stunning views down the river, this hotel is perfectly situated for a city holiday or a business trip. For the luxury traveler, there is no other choice.

The Trump was built from the ground up to give the luxury traveler a home away from home. Most Grand Deluxe suites feature a full kitchen and lounge, giving you the room you want to relax.

The floor-to-ceiling windows give plenty of light and in the evening the fireplace will allow you to relax in comfort. This is an incredibly gorgeous hotel with stunning choice in furniture and an even better eye for room design. Every feature is meticulously planned and designed to give you absolute pleasure.


Hotel Sorella City Centre

Hotel Sorella is the most luxurious hotel that Houston has to offer. Located in the city centre you’ll find a hotel with an intimate décor of glass chandeliers and ceramic floors that remind us of Europe.

The rooms at this hotel are to die for, with elegant furniture that wouldn’t seem out of place in a Hollywood home. The hotel is fully equipped with an incredible outdoor pool and mood lighting that makes for a romantic evening relaxation zone.


The Rittenhouse Hotel

The Rittenhouse is gracious, refined and elegant. The staff are implecibally trained and polite at all times, going beyond their duties to make sure that guests are happy.

You’ll find an attractive sundeck on the top floor which is perfect for an evening watching the stars. If you’re looking for an ultra-modern hotel with the latest gadgets, this isn’t it. Instead, The Rittenhouse is reminiscent of better times gone by. A classic hotel with classic service.


JW Marriott Phoenix Desert Ridge Resort & Spa

This resort offers luxury on a grand scale. Spread over 316 acres in the Sonoran Desert, the resort features a huge pool, a lazy river for relaxation and two different 18-hole golf courses.

Although all Marriott hotels are great, this stands out as one of the most gorgeous we have ever seen.

The hotel is renowned for its spa. This is a place for pure relaxation. With picturesque views and comfortable rooms it’s hard to find fault.

For those looking to upgrade, the JW Griffin Club is an excellent place to sneak away and get those emails sent off. Not only that, but you’ll be catered to by an incredible chef for breakfast, lunch and hors d’oeuvres.

San Antonio

La Cantera Resort & Spa

Situated atop one of the highest parts of San Antonio, La Cantera is a luxury resort for the whole family. It’s a world of elegant style, infinity pools and fire pits. Although still comfortable, La Cantera isn’t afraid to put appearance first.

This gorgeous resort is an avant-garde clash of ultra modern design and classic Texan style. They’ve managed to integrate this James Bond style resort into a building that feels at home in the Texas landscape.

If you had any doubt that San Antonio was one of the most gorgeous parts of this country we challenge you to visit La Cantera and think again.

San Diego

Fairmont Grand Del Mar

The Fairmont Grand Del Mar is an elegant colonial Spanish mansion that comprises 249-rooms of pure bliss. Each room is double sized, a touch that doesn’t go unnoticed.

It captures the comfort of times gone by, with excessively large pools and extravagant design features. The fountains around the property are surrounded by even more incredible gardens.They represent the entire hotel - precise perfection.

The Spanish architecture is a wonderful sight, untouched and enhanced by modern lighting and fountains. The Fairmont and its staff should be proud of the experience they’ve created with such a historic building.


The Joule

Upon arriving at the front of the hotel you’ll question whether you’re in Dallas or whether you were transported to Europe whilst in the cab. The exquisite exterior is reminiscent of Western Europes gothic style, combing tall windows and arches in the most elegant of manners.

Journey up to the pool and you could be in a completely different era. The ultra modern pool hangs over the side of the building, creating a beautiful experience and photo opportunity.

The Joule is a home of luxury. Impeccable suites are inspired by NYC lofts whilst the penthouse is a combination of English countryside and Texas elegance.

The Joule has embraced a beautiful building but hasn’t shied away from modernizing it and making it their own. Overall, a tremendously beautiful hotel that belongs on the cover of a magazine.

San Jose

Rosewood Sand Hill

The Rosewood Sand Hill embraces its Californian home and finds itself nestled within acres of green land, surrounded by rolling hills and designed in a traditional Cali style.

Although the interiors are comfortable and relaxing, the outdoors are where this hotel really expresses itself. Who would want to be inside in California anyway?

With stunning white and brown brick walls, the entire hotel feels natural. It’s not juxtaposed against the landscape, it becomes part of it. Complete with wooden furniture all the way through the wooden salt shakers, The Rosewood Sand Hill is au naturel.

It doesn’t try to be something it’s not. This is Palo Alto and whether you like it or not, you’ll embrace the shorts and sandals by the end of your stay. Chill out with a martini or a green smoothie. Life's to be lived.

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