A Brief History of Shaving

A brief history of shaving

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Shaving is something that men have done since the beginning of time. Some sources suggest that the reason men starting shaving and pulling out their facial hair was to prevent the hair from freezing when it got wet. This helped to prevent them from getting sick and dying from illness or frostbite.

Obviously, our shaving techniques have advanced greatly since then. In pre-historic times it's suggested that men would use sharpened rocks and shells to carve the hair off their faces. After this, we began to use sharpened metals and knives. Eventually, in 1780, a Frenchman named Jean Jacques Perret invented the straight razor. This straight razor had a wooden cover that helped to protect the user.

​One interesting piece of history that may shock many of us is that electric shavers were actually invented before disposable and cartridge razors. It seems unlikely, but the electric razor was invented in the 1920's whereas disposable and cartridge razors were invented in the 1970's.

The popularity of shaving has changed through the times. Our ancestors had a need for facial hair to keep them warm and to protect their skin from the environment. These same threats aren't present today and so shaving is at an all-time high. However, it was only in the 1970's that facial ​hair boomed in popularity and became standard across the Western world.

The history of shaving is an interesting journey and we can be sure that we haven't reached the limit of our technological advances. Who knows, in 20-years we might have laser shavers and technology that can remove our hair in seconds.​

What we know for sure is that there is still a strong community of men who enjoy traditional shaving methods such as DE safety razors and straight razors. The craftsmanship and history is attractive to many of us and is unlikely to ever disappear as a hobby.​

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