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What on Earth is a RompHim and Why Does it Exist?

By Jack Prenter / May 17, 2017

Try not to vomit whilst you look at these images. We promise that this article won’t be too long and then you can get back to looking at more appealing fashion statements that don’t cry out for attention that they don’t deserve.The RompHim is the latest fashion mistake that is bound to gain popularity. It […]


Daniel Craig’s Style as James Bond

By Jack Prenter / May 17, 2017

Daniel Craig has been playing James Bond for 11-years now, making him the 2nd longest James Bond of all time. Recent rumors suggest that he’ll be signing on for another 2 films, which will etch him into history as the longest running James Bond actor of all time.This is quite the achievement but equally impressive […]


Frank Underwoods Style in House of Cards

By Jack Prenter / April 20, 2017

If you look very carefully, you’ll see that Frank has a small left-side dimple on his tie. This helps to break up the repeating pattern and give it a little more dimension. He’s able to combine a very small check pattern on his shirt with a larger striped tie, this is an excellent way to […]


The Basic Wardrobe Guide – How to Look Great With Little Effort

By Jack Prenter / December 23, 2016

​When you look at the clothes that you actually wear you’ll quickly realize that 80% of your outfits are made up of 20% of your clothes. These are your staples; reliable, easy and comfortable.The aim of this guide is to remove any thought from the shopping process. Together we’re going to put together a whole […]