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5 Style Mistakes to Avoid – Men’s Fashion Faux Pas

By Jack Prenter / November 22, 2017

Fashion certainly has rules, especially when it comes to menswear. While they can be broken, it’s not a good look. The majority of menswear rules that exist these days aren’t solely because of tradition, it’s often because clothes are cut in a specific way so as to look best when they are worn in the […]


Indochino Review – Made to Measure Suits and Shirts

By Jack Prenter / November 17, 2017

In this Indochino review we looked at a range of their suits, shirts and accessories. Our conclusion was that for the price, Indochino makes a great quality suit using good fabrics. The cut on their suits is modern but still classic and their customer service is great. Overall, we would highly recommend them.Having handled a […]


How to Dress More Stylishly for the Fall Weather

By Jack Prenter / September 30, 2017

Fall is here gentlemen and up in Canada it’s cooling down extremely quickly, with snow expected before December. Coming out of Summer can be difficult and the change in clothing is huge, it’s time to trade those shorts for a sweater or an overcoat and prepare for the cold.Layering EffectivelyOne of the most important tips […]


Business Casual vs Smart Casual – What’s the Difference?

By Jack Prenter / July 28, 2017

Knowing what to wear and when to wear it can be confusing. If you’re going to an interview or starting a new job you might have seen that that company requires you to wear smart casual, or they might require business casual.These are two of the most common dress codes for jobs in America, but […]


How to Look Stylish on the Golf Course

By Jack Prenter / July 14, 2017

Golf has always been and will always be a game that is governed by a relatively strict dress code. For men who love having the freedom to express their own style and the ability to show off their fashion sense, it might seem restrictive.In this guide we’ll be looking at the most common dress codes […]


How a Man’s Dress Shirt Should Fit [Guide]

By Jack Prenter / June 22, 2017

One of the worst fashion mistakes that most men will make at some point in their lives is to wear a poor fitting shirt. It’s such a bad mistake because getting a shirt that fits you isn’t difficult and it doesn’t have to be expensive either.If you take a look at the other guys at […]


What Men Should Wear for Every Wedding Dress Code

By Jack Prenter / June 17, 2017

A wedding is one of the most important days for any couple. As a guest, it’s your responsibility to honor the couple and to be respectful to their wishes. Obviously, it’s a happy event and you should be having fun, but the couple must always come first.For many of us guys, knowing what to wear […]


Pinstripe Suits: How to Wear Them and Whether You Should Buy Them

By Jack Prenter / June 6, 2017

Quick Navigation IntroductionWhat is a Pinstripe Suit?History of the Pinstripe SuitHow to Wear a Pinstripe SuitWhere to Wear PinstripesWhat to Wear With a Pinstripe SuitShould You Buy a Pinstripe Suit? IntroductionPinstripe suits have been popular for decades and are considered a staple by many in the banking world. Over the past few years they have […]


Cuffed Pants: Should You Wear Them or Not?

By Jack Prenter / June 5, 2017

Cuffed pants have rotated in and out of fashion countless times over the past couple centuries, they are a mark of class, style and power that men today are choosing to bring back. Choosing whether to buy cuffed pants or go without is a key decision, it will impact the style of the pant, how […]

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