The Ultimate Guide to Men’s Clothing Stores: 116 of the Best Stores for Different Types of Style

By Jack Prenter / August 4, 2017
Best Shops for Men's Clothes

Let’s preface this by saying that this isn’t intended to be a comprehensive list of every men’s fashion store. There’s going to be stores missing from this list that you love and there might be stores on the list that you hate.

Our goal was to produce a list of shops where the majority of the shops would be interesting to the majority of the men reading the list. Hence, there is plenty of variety in style and price. We tried our best but no list will be perfect.

If you see any errors or import omissions, leave a comment. We’ll do our best to keep this list updated. Otherwise, enjoy the list and share it with you friends. Thanks!

Please use the Table of Contents below to navigate more easily:

Contemporary Fashion

ASOS online store


ASOS, previous As Seen On Screen, is a British fashion store that has expanded to cover the large majority of the world. They operate exclusively online and are popular because they offer a wide range of contemporary fashion pieces from large designers, as well as their own house brand.

ASOS is fantastic for picking up basic items from designers. In many countries they also allow you to return any of your items easily and for a full refund.



UNIQLO has become more popular in the last few years as a haven for plain men’s basics. If you can’t stand small logos on the front of your clothes, UNIQLO specializes in plain pieces that you can match with the rest of your wardrobe.

A lot of guys really like their OCBD’s and dress shirts. The fit is relatively true to size when compared to similarly priced stores and is cut in a more flattering manner than many other basics stores.

Topman store


Topman was started in the UK and has expanded to have a global presence. In the UK Topshop and Topman are considered as a basics shop, similar to H&M, whereas in the USA it’s marketed as a middle to high-end British store.

Topman is great at keeping up with the latest fashion and although it doesn’t do runway to store quite like Zara, Topman does work closely with designers from London Fashion Week.



H&M is the ultimate basics shop. If you’re looking for relatively cheap pickups with modern cuts, H&M is a safe bet. It’s a good choice for t-shirts, simple jeans and cheap but fashionable footwear.

You’re not going to get incredible quality from H&M, but you will find cheap prices for relatively nice clothes.

Cos clothes store


Cos was started in Stockholm, Sweden and specializes in clothes for men “who want modern, functional, considered design.’ The great thing about Cos is that they don’t have a huge range of clothes.

In fact, many of their stores will only carry a few t-shirts, a few jeans etc. This makes it super easy to shop. In our opinion, Cos has a design style that’s similar to H&M and UNIQLO, but they offer better quality and often more neutral color options.

The Idle Man

The Idle Man

Another British company, The Idle Man was formed by an ex-buyer from ASOS and specializes in menswear. They have taken the approach of quality rather than quantity, selling on “best in class” men’s brands.

The great thing about The Idle Man is that you can get everything you want in one place. The main difference that we see between The Idle Man and ASOS is that The Idle Man specializes in menswear, so the stock is often more ‘wearable’ and the brands they sell are more upmarket.



Zara has faced criticism and praise simultaneously for years for their business model. They specialize in fast-fashion, taking ‘inspiration’ from the runway and getting their clothes in stores often before the runway designers can.

For the average guy this is great, but for the designers, not so much. It does mean that the clothes Zara sells are ‘on trend’, which is ideal for the man who is interested in the fashion of the moment. However, if you prefer the type of evergreen style we usually talk about, it’s not always the best choice.

Regardless, Zara does have some fantastic pieces and although the quality isn’t incredible, the prices are relatively reasonable and the clothes are generally well cut.

Boohoo Man

Boohoo Man

Boohoo is another British brand (I can’t help it, I’m British and our clothes are better) that has become just as popular across the US and Canada. They compete directly against ASOS and use a similar business model.

In our opinion, ASOS usually has a better selection, but you shouldn’t discount Boohoo. Occasionally they have huge sales where you can find pieces at bargain prices. Keep an eye out.

American Apparel

American Apparel

AA closed down in early-2017 but is reopening its online store this summer. AA has always been an incredible choice, especially for Americans, looking to buy basics like t-shirts, sweatshirts and pants.

AA is to us, the American version of H&M. The clothes are relatively similar, but with slightly higher quality and therefore higher prices. We imagine that upon launch they’ll have some competitive sales, keep your eye on their website over this summer.

Need Supply

Need Supply

Need Supply started by supplying vintage jeans and have now expanded their offerings to include a wide range of ‘street wear’ and also more contemporary fashion.

Unlike many hardcore ‘street wear’ stores, they offer a lot of mainstream pieces that will appeal to the average guy. Be warned, nothing they sell is cheap, but the brands that they work with are all mid to high-end companies that create quality clothes.

Frank & Oak

Frank & Oak

Frank & Oak specializes in their ‘Style Plan’ which is essentially just a monthly deliver system with some basic customization. It was designed to help guys look good without having to know anything about style.

Regardless, their main store carries a range of quality basics that can form the basis of your wardrobe. In terms of quality, they sit above most basics stores like H&M, but still charge relatively competitive prices.

They aren’t the best choice for very simple items like t-shirts, but for Oxford shirts and pants they are worth checking out.



Threadless is completely different to other companies on this list because they allow artists to submit designs and then print them on different clothing. This means that 99% of their clothes are graphic tees, hoodies etc.

If that’s not what you like, give this a miss. But there are many guys that like to wear these under casual shirts. Threadless is an interesting way to get unique tops from obscure designers before they become more popular.

J. Crew

J. Crew

There are plenty of men out there who consider J. Crew the Holy Grail. They have excellent quality clothing that has flattering cuts in a range of styles. This quality doesn’t come cheap but for a mainstream store they have some of the best pieces available, in our opinion of course!

Make sure to check out their henley shirts, cashmere sweaters and blazers.



Gap might not have the reputation of J. Crew, but they have plenty of gorgeous clothes that you’ll be missing out on if you ignore Gap out of principle.

Gap has made a conscious effort to work closely in the past few years with major designers. They partnered with Vogue to find high-fashion designers to bring runway pieces to the mainstream and have in the process reinvented themselves.

If you’re in the market for basic items but have a little extra to spend, skip H&M and head to Gap instead.

Banana Republic

Banana Republic

Banana Republic is owned by Gap and acts as their higher-end retailer. While Gap is great for t-shirts and jeans, BR is the better option for dress shirts, pants, coats and blazers.

BR is a great balance between quality and price, while you’d struggle to argue that they have the best shirts at this price point, they do offer a large variety all in one place. BR is perfect for a convenience shopper who is able to fit a standard cut and is looking for relatively nice quality mainstream pieces.



Bonobos is an online-exclusive retailer for smarter men’s clothes. They don’t offer cheap basics like many men’s shops, instead, they focus on tailoring and stylish smart casual pieces.

Their target audience is likely men between 25 - 40 who have an above average income and are particularly conscious about their style.

They’ve managed to create quite a simple shopping experience, they have a relatively small range of products, but in a huge range of colors and prints. For example; they might only have a few styles of short, but each style has 20+ designs.

Club Monaco

Club Monaco

Club Monaco is stylish high-end casual retailer that is owned by Ralph Lauren. In our opinion, Club Monaco is one of the best mens casual stores. Their products are of great quality, they are extremely stylish and the store experience is fantastic.

Unfortunately, all of this comes at a price. Their clothes aren’t cheap. But if you have the money, they are by far one of the best casual stores for men. You could practically buy an entire wardrobe here and love every single piece.


TJ Maxx

TJMaxx specializes in purchasing out of season products from some of the most popular brands. If you don’t have anything particular in mind and are working on a budget, TJMaxx is a great place to pickup clothes from brands that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford.

Old Navy Store

Old Navy

Old Navy seems to be practically ignored by many stylish guys. So, you might be surprised that revenues from Old Navy are greater than Gap and Banana Republic combined. Millions of men use Old Navy as their go-to shop, and for good reason.

While they don’t create the most fashionable or trendy clothes, they do have some attractive clothes, especially for larger or taller men. Make sure to check out their jackets and activewear.

Department Stores



As the largest department store in the US, it’s no surprise that many men consider Macy’s their go-to department store. The best thing about Macy’s is that there are so many stores and each has such a wide range of products.

Macy’s is great if you’re interested in a wide range of clothes. You can go here with any budget and come out with an entire wardrobe. They have cheap basics and also higher-end brands, but would be best described as a middle-market department store.

Saks Fifth Avenue

Saks Fifth Avenue

On the other hand, Saks is a high-end department store that specializes in designer apparel and beauty products. If you’re not budget conscious and love high-fashion from runway designers, Saks is the best place to shop.

You can find all of your favorite designers like Thom Browne, Givenchy and Saint Laurent all under one roof.



Nordstrom is practically the European Saks Fifth Avenue. Nordstrom brings European high fashion to North America with brands like Barbour, Versace, Fred Perry and Giorgia Armani.

While many of these brands are available in other department stores, Nordstrom is one of the few that offers almost all of them in a single shop. While it’s primary focus in on higher-end clothes, Nordstrom has its own brand of more reasonably priced pieces.

Nordstrom is best for smarter pieces and is lacking in casual and streetwear. If you’re looking for a new coat, leather shoes or a suit, Nordstrom is the place to be.



Barney’s is relatively similar to Saks and has a near identical range of brands. The only difference you’re likely to find is that Barney’s often features smaller designers and more ‘trendy’ pieces whereas Saks focusses on classics and famous designers.

Kohls Clothes Store


Kohl’s is the second-largest US department store based upon sales figures and it’s a lower to middle-market department store that is comparable to Macy’s.

Kohl’s stacks few high-fashion brands and instead has a lot more skate/surf clothing as well as a range of “made-in-America” brands.

Target clothes store


Target is a discount retailer that’s second only to Walmart. Similarly to Walmart they sell budget items and basics. Although Target is far from the best place to find clothes, if you don’t have an H&M or similar near you, they sell some decent basic t-shirts and denim.



Bloomingdales is owned by Macy’s and is more upscale than it’s mother-company. Bloomingdales is comparable to Saks and Barney’s, again it features a wide-range of upscale men’s clothes, footwear and beauty products. You can often find some steals in their sales, where top designers are marked down by as much as 30%.



Finally, Sears is a department store that fills the gap in the market between discount retailers like Target and higher-end stores such as Nordstrom and Bloomingdales. It’s nearest competitor would be Macy’s, but Sears is lower down the market and focusses on offering decent clothes at lower prices.

At Sears you’ll be able to find well-priced basics but this department store is best for finding name brands like Levi’s at budget prices.




Karmaloop is one of the biggest streetwear retailers on the web, they also have a great community and content section. If you’re looking to shop some of the biggest brands, Karmaloop is one of the best retailers.

They don’t stock a lot of the smallest brands, but they have a huge variety of products from the biggest brands like Adidas, Vans, Billionaire Boys Club and New Balance.

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is likely the worlds biggest ‘street wear’ retailer, with over 400 locations and billions in revenue each year, Urban Outfitters is an industry leader.

Urban Outfitters has a wider range of brands than Karmaloop and it’s also known for combining with high-fashion designers to create unique pieces. It’s also a great place to shop because they have a variety of price points, allowing consumers of all budgets to come out with something they love.



It’d be hard to argue that any brand has a cult following that’s bigger than Supreme. In the past they’ve even sold a branded brick… literally a brick… and it sold out almost instantly.

Having collaborated with Louis Vuitton, Nike, Playboy and even Stone Island, they’ve created a unique image. Unlike many clothing brands, they release items almost every week, maintaining a constant hype around the brand.

Crooks & Castles

Crooks & Castles

Crooks & Castles have a distinctive logo that they include on almost all of their clothes. They have a relatively broad range of products, especially for a street wear brand, including shorts, jewelry and sweatpants. They also have some awesome limited edition coats that you can occasionally find.



Stampd is the ‘it’ brand of the moment and was started with the goal of giving modern men a new set of wardrobe staples. My favorite pieces are their denim jackets and tote bags. They also have a leather American flag which is pretty awesome if you’ve got $700 laying around.

End. Clothing


End. Clothing is a global source for men’s streetwear from brands like Givenchy, Adidas and Off White. They offer free shipping to the USA on all orders over $250 and it only takes 2-3 days. Bomb.

Underated clothing


Underated is still very much under rated, they’ve got some awesome striped tees and two tone hoodies. Don’t sleep on this British brand, you’ll likely see more of them over the coming years.

Gentry NYC


Gentry is another streetwear brand in a series that have closed their doors on their brick and mortar store, focusing on their online presence. Gentry have a peculiar range, carrying huge brands like Converse but also smaller companies that you’ve never heard of. They are a great choice for retro and vintage-inspired pieces.

Commonwealth clothing


As well as their own line of clothes, they sell Vans, New Balance and Adidas products. If you’re looking for older products by these brands that aren’t featured in some of the mainstream stores, this is the place to be.

WishATL Streetwear


Wish is an Atlanta based streetwear boutique that has some of the best look books that we’ve seen in recent months. Carrying everything from Asics to Alexander Wang and Herschel to Hypebeast, this is one of the best all-in-one street wear stores.

If you’re looking for outfit inspiration or just want to see something incredibly beautiful, make sure to head to their website and look at their latest look book.

MLTD Clothing


MLTD carries a huge variety of street wear and is a must visit for anyone who loves unique and rare skate clothes. They’ve got a huge amount of Vans prints that we rarely see on other sites and also some bargain sunglasses that you’ve got to check out.

Bodega clothing


Based out of Boston, Bodega is the place to be for curated footwear and clothes. They’ll bring you European fashion like Stone Island as well as the newest Yeezy apparel and footwear. They’ve also got some great sales occasionally.

Kith clothing


Kith bring you their own line of clothes as well as all of the popular brands that you can’t wait to get your hands on. We’re a big fan of their half-zip pullovers as well as their shorts.

Hypebeast clothing


HBX is the online shop portion of Hypebeast and you get the quality that you’d imagine. They do an incredible job of curating the latest content and news from the streetwear industry and they do an even better job of bringing you the clothes themselves.

Union LA Clothing

Union LA

Union was for a longtime an obscure shop that thrived on being cool through mystery and a lack of popularity. But there’s no getting away from it now, after a bunch of publicity they are now recognized as one of the coolest shops on the West coast. A mix of avant-garde and streetwear, there’s something for everybody.

Kickz store


While Kickz focusses on footwear (you might be able to tell from the name!), they have a huge range of apparel as well. They stock all of the biggest brands, as well as some more obscure options and also their own line of attire.

Jack Threads

Jack Threads

If you’ve been following the news then you’ll know that Jack Threads has recently been going through attempts to raise more money and appears to have failed. However, we’re aware that they’ve recently been bringing back on the original crew to manage the business.

The rumor is that they’ll be heading back to their roots and selling off beat streetwear at discount prices. Watch this space.

Firmament clothing Berlin


Firmament is based out of Berlin and brings some European cool to what is often an overwhelmingly American streetwear scene. If you’re tired of everything looking a little same-same, give Firmament a look and see if you can’t finds something that catches your eye.

Luxury and High Fashion

Mr. Porter

Mr Porter

Mr Porter is the men’s section of Net-A-Porter, one of the world’s most popular luxury fashion websites. If you’re looking for the latest from the biggest luxury brands like Tom Ford, Thom Browne and Gucci, there’s no better option than Mr Porter.

Nothing they sell is cheap, but that’s the point. This is a luxury style destination for men with a fat wallet. Make sure to also check out “The Journal” their blog which interviews actors, style icons and designers.

SSense Luxury Fashion


With free shipping and returns in the USA, it’s easy to see why SSense has become so popular. They specialize in everything luxury, from Brioni suits to Off White tees. They’ve made it their mission to feature the world’s most desirable and luxurious brands.

Matches Clothing


Free shipping, free returns within 28-days and luxe clothes. What’s not to love? As well as their luxury clothes they also have a huge content section which looks at everything from surfing to art. Check out their style report on Balmain AW17.

Luisa Via Roma

Luisa Via Roma

With sales up to 50% off, LVR is a great place to shop for some of the most desirable brands, as well as their own range which is exquisite. Thom Browne, 30% off, yes please!



Flannels resists messing around with these new luxury brands. Focussing on the biggest names and the oldest houses, Flannels is a great place to find Armani Jeans, Dolce & Gabbana, Hugo Boss and Moncler.



Relaunching this summer, Oki-Ni is the place to find luxury contemporary fashion. That means plenty of street wear with a splash of sophistication and a few drops of sex appeal.



Born in Tokyo, Restir is the place to find a blend of Eastern fashion with a bunch of NYC thrown in. They sell Billy by Candice Pool as well as Vetements and MISBHV. An eclectic mix that makes shopping here almost risky. Who knows what you’re going to end up blowing your paycheck on this week.



We probably don’t need to tell you about LN-CC, there’s a good chance that it’s your homepage and if it’s not, stay away otherwise it soon will be. Make sure to check out their Gucci canvas bags.



We love Bluefly because they’re unapologetically classic. Think polos, loafers, suits and expensive watches. Everything that we love. If you consider ‘smart’ to be a fresh pair of Yeezy’s, this isn’t for you. But if you like to look professional, suave and sexy all at once, BlueFly is a great choice for the latest and greatest.

Tres Bien Shop

Très Bien Shop

Très bien indeed. They sell casual and streetwear from the biggest designers. They’ve also got their own line which we prefer to anything else on the site. They’ve got zip blousons in lavender that we love and also a citrus stripe sweatshirt that looks awesome.

Farfetch clothing shop


Farfetch is a fantastic blend of contemporary luxury and vintage fashion, giving you clothes that are unique and will standout in a sea of repetition. If you visit regularly you’ll find out that they have some competitive sales that can make some of their clothes much more reasonably priced.

YOOX clothing shop online


YOOX is the place for the best in Italian fashion. Owned by Net-A-Porter, YOOX to us is the Italian version of Mr Porter. You get the same luxury clothing you’d expect and the excellent service that you’re accustomed to, but with an emphasis on Italian fashion instead of American brands.

Traffic LA Shop

Traffic LA

Traffic LA offer their customers a great mixture of established designers and up and coming companies. They also offer a few brands that many other sites don’t, including Vivienne Westwood, Roman Paul, Paul Smith and Moschino.

Colette France Paris


Colette is closing at the end of this year. The famous Parisian store is a fixture in European high fashion and after 20-years nobody would have expected them to close. They are a great place for limited-edition collaborations and famous brands. Even Karl Lagerfeld said “It’s the only shop where I go because they have things no one else has”, now that’s an endorsement.

American Rag Clothing

American Rag

American Rag offers the best in luxury designers fashion, trying their best to feature exclusive and unique pieces that other stores can’t get ahold of. They also regularly have competitive sales that can bring some designers down to your price range.

The Webster Clothing

The Webster

The Website operates five physical stores and also an online store. Home to over 100 designers, The Webster has more designers than most other luxury stores. Whether you want a suit or a workout outfit, The Webster is an alternative to Mr Porter, giving you yet more houses to choose from.

Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony

Established in 2002, Opening Ceremony is an NYC store that collaborates with some of the biggest brands like Vans, Fossil and Calvin Klein. Not only that, but they also stock most of the big names that you can think of. With so many unique options, OC is a must for any luxury style aficionado.

Browns Menswear


Browns is a staple in the luxury fashion world. Founded in London is 1970, they’ve been a popular name in the luxury circle for coming up to half a century. The greatest thing about Browns is that they feature British fashion in a way that many other luxury stores don’t.

At Browns you’ll find Sex Pistols inspired clothes, cropped vests that throwback to Twiggy and also the biggest names in fashion. One of our favorite stores in the space, we would highly recommend this is a go-to for luxury and high fashion.

Tessabit store


Tessabit is another luxury store that has been around for seemingly ever. They’re best for some of the oldest fashion houses like Balenciaga, Balmain, Givenchy and Saint Laurent. In-store as well as online you can take advantage of their personal stylist services and fashion finder.

Coggles Shop


Coggles is one of the biggest luxury fashion retailers on the web, stocking over 400-brands, it’s one of the best places for finding less popular brands and pieces. They also have competitive sales that can make the most expensive brands closer to within your reach.

Marisssa Collections

Marissa Collections

Marissa Collections primarily serves women but they also have a men’s collection that many people are unaware of. They mainly stock luxury brands like Brunello Cucinelli but they also have much cheaper products too.

Gilt clothes store


What we love the most about Gilt is that it offers both luxury and more budget friendly options. In a single page you can look at Brooks Brothers shirts for $50 and Michael Bastian for $500. But most importantly, everything they stock is fantastic looking. They have tried to prioritize product over name brand.

Suits and Shirts

Local Tailor or Suit Maker

Local Tailor or Suit Maker

If you’re looking to get a bespoke or even MTM suit, a local tailor or suit maker is often going to be far superior to a brand. The main reason for this is that you’re not paying for the marketing budget of the large brand, so you can get better materials and a superior cut for the same price.

You’ll also find that with bespoke suits you need regular fittings and that can be frustrating if the nearest store if a long drive away. Going with a local tailor with give you extra flexibility, often a better final product and a cheaper price. Also, we love to support local businesses who have been putting passion into their products for decades.

Indochino suits


When you’re looking at suits and tailoring there are so many ‘levels’ of quality, customization and price. If you’re looking for a MTM suit, that is a suit that’s made to your shape and size but from a template, Indochino is a great choice.

We’re big supporters of Indochino here at KnownMan. We would never argue that they make the best suits in the world, but for the price you pay the quality is competitive and then customization options are excellent. For a man on a budget, Indochino is a great choice.

Brooks Brothers Suits

Brooks Brothers

Brooks Brothers is a classic name and a century from now you can be sure that men will still be getting their suits fitted here. Founded in 1818, Brooks Brothers is the oldest mens clothier in the United States.

With that history comes plenty of experience and expertise. If you’re looking for a traditional American cut to your tailoring and at a reasonable price, Brooks Brothers is a good option for those on a tighter budget.

Proper Cloth

Proper Cloth

Proper Cloth is one of our favorite options for custom shirts. They use data and technology to create the perfect fit for your body. When you receive the shirt, if it’s not a perfect fit they’ll alter or remake your first shirt for free.

If your budget can’t stretch to getting MTM or bespoke shirts from a local tailor then Proper Cloth is the next best alternative. They are reasonably priced given the quality of the materials and the fit will be excellent.

Suit Supply

Suit Supply

We’re huge fans of Suit Supply. If you’ve only got a smaller budget then we believe that Suit Supply is almost always the best option. You can find some good quality suits here for around $400, an absolute bargain for a 100% wool suit.

We love their Napoli suits in particular because they are extremely affordable but also have a wonderful European cut that is tailored but not overly slim.

Hall Madden Suits

Hall Madden

Previously known as Proper Suit, Hall Madden does custom suits at a very competitive price. We’re talking $950 for a 2-piece suit and $1,150 for a 3-piece. You’re going to struggle to beat that price from a large online retailer, especially with this quality of suit.

Black Lapel Suits

Black Lapel

Black Lapel is a competitor to Indochino and offers a very similar experience at the same price range. They produce MTM suits and shirts in the same way, taking your measurements and creating a suit before letting you try it on and ask for alterations.

Although we’ve never tried Black Lapel, the reviews we’ve seen and the customers we’ve talked to suggest it’s very similar quality to Indochino.

Hugo Boss Menswear

Hugo Boss

Let’s start by quickly saying that many companies produce different qualities of products for different stores i.e. a perfect product for their own store, a lower quality for outlets and an even lower quality for cheaper retailers. This is the case with Levi and we believe with Hugo Boss suits.

Overall, the quality of their suits seems to be reasonable although possibly not quite worth the price tag. However, the cut is attractive and the suits are gorgeous, even if the build quality isn’t where it should be.

Brioni Suits


Brioni suits have always been admired and for good reason. The Italian suit makers are used by the rich and famous for all of their tailoring needs and they make a tight cut that feels premium and European but isn’t overly cut in the way that Armani suits are.

JC Penny


Don’t disregard JCPenney. If you’re looking for a cheaper suit then they have some okay options, presuming you can fit relatively well off-the-rack. However, you should always expect to do some tailoring after purchasing a suit like this.

In particular the JF J. Ferrar suits are nice as are the Stafford Super 100 Wool suits. You shouldn’t expect anything outstanding but for this price range you don’t have many other options that can compete.

Tom Ford Suits

Tom Ford

Tom Ford, a brand that I love and loathe at the same time. Everything they make is so exquisite but so expensive. Here’s the deal; if you can afford a Tom Ford suit, you have plenty of other options that will make a higher quality suit at the same price.

However, they aren’t a Tom Ford suit. Of course it’s entirely pretentious, but Tom Ford is amazing and the aura around the brand is as important to many of his customers as the clothes themselves. If you love his suits, buy them. If you only like them, go custom at a traditional tailor.

G&H Suits

Gieves & Hawkes

Nobody beats Gieves & Hawkes. It’s a fact, they make the absolute best suits in the entire world. If you think otherwise, you’re wrong. Located at No.1 Savile Row in London, they’ve been tailoring since 1771 and have made suits for Winston Churchill, The Duke of Wellington, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton.

They have all there main Royal Warrants, that means that they create suits for HM The Queen, HRH The Duke of Edinburgh and HRH The Prince of Wales.

You can quite literally buy a suit from G&H that is fit for royalty and it will be the best suit that you’ll ever own.


Zappos Footwear


Zappos is practically the only shoe store that any man will ever need. They have such a huge range that it’s unlikely that you’ll ever need to go anywhere else. For example; they have 2,186 pairs of Oxford shoes alone, with prices from as low as $50 through to thousands of dollars.

Famous Footwear

Famous Footwear

Famous Footwear is a competitor to Zappos, the main difference from what we’ve seen is that FF puts more of an emphasis on streetwear and sports trainers whereas Zappos stocks plenty of shoes, loafers and smarter shoes.

Clarks Shoes


Clarks have this peculiar mystique about them to a lot of guys (shout out to /r/malefashionadvice), so we thought we should include them here. Clarks are popular because they sell relatively good quality shoes at competitive prices.

6pm Shoes Store


If you’ve never heard of 6pm, your entire world is about to change. 6pm is Zappos’ outlet store and that means that they sell the same quality of shoes, but at an absolute bargain price. If you’re unsure about what you want, 6pm is a great place to start because you can find ultra-cheap shoes even from more luxury brands.

Footlocker shoe shop


For sneakers, casual shoes and any sports shoes, Footlocker often has the best prices. Not only that but they also have many exclusive shoes that you won’t find in other stores. Keep an eye on their new arrivals and their clearance section.


The Tie Bar

The Tie Bar

For ties, The Tie Bar is a must. It can often be quite difficult to find a tie that is made from quality materials and has a nice design, especially in mainstream stores. The Tie Bar has solved this by offering a huge quantity of options, all made with quality materials, shipped straight to your door.

However, just as importantly they’ve expanded from ties into other accessories like belts, socks and pocket squares. They even sell shirts, although we are unsure of the quality.

Buckle accessories store


Buckle sells a wide range of clothes for both men and women, but it’s their accessories section that we’re really interested in. They have everything from quality underwear to necklaces and sunglasses.

Sunglasses Hut

Sunglass Hut

If you’re looking to buy a name brand pair of sunglasses, the Sunglass Hut is almost always going to be your best option. Not only do they usually have some of the lowest prices, they have plenty of stores all across the country so that you can try on the glasses before you buy them. You’ll struggle to find a sunglasses store with more options than this.



Miansai makes their own brand of accessories that we are totally in love with. They have a minimalistic aesthetic but still manage to make everything feel extremely luxurious. If you’re shopping for wallets, rings or bracelets then you need to take a look at Miansai.

Etsy craft store


Etsy is a craft website where you can buy from small producers all across the globe. If you’re looking for something that’s unique then Easy is one of your best choices. You can have handcrafted accessories made that are one of a kind and far cheaper than many of the biggest brands.

Kay Jewelry


For jewelry, Kay is our top pick. They have such a great range of stock at such a variety of prices, making it ideal for men with all types of budgets. If you’re looking for something shiny for yourself or your partner, you should be able to find something at Kay for a reasonable price.

Jomashop watches


For watches, Jomashop is our favorite choice. They have steep sale discounts, which we love, but they also stock almost all of the biggest brands, something which is surprisingly rare for online watch shops.

Ebags bag and luggage store


Finally, if you’re in the market for a new bag or luggage then eBags is the internets bag aficionado. They’ll have everything you could ever want and more. Being such a large retailer they stock the cheapest brands as well as luxury bags.


The Bay

The Bay is about as Canadian as Tim Hortons and will often be your first stop on a long shopping trip. The great thing about The Bay is that because it stocks so many different brands, you can often find both cheap and expensive versions of every item. They also have ridiculous sales in Fall and Winter.

Haven canada


Haven is one of our favorite Canadian streetwear shops and they’ve also got some awesome look books, something that many stores have been skimping on in recent years. They stock a huge portion of all the largest international brands as well as some smaller homegrown companies, with an overall Japanese chic feel.

If you’re ever in Toronto then make sure to go check out their brick-and-mortar store. It’s got a cool aesthetic and will allow you to see the clothes in person.

Livestock Streetwear


Sick of seeing streetwear stores only catering to American customers? Livestock is the answer. With three stores in Toronto and a huge online presence, you’ve got access to a huge amount of the biggest brands, as well as their own merch. Go check them out and tell them I said ‘hi’.

Shop Canada

Yes, I know the owner of, but I’m not too biased, I promise. Shop is sort of like an online version of Target for Canada and that means that you’re going to see graphic tees next to Calvin Klein suits. If you can dig through the site then you can find some steals.

Harry Rosen

Harry Rosen

Ah, Harry Rosen. If you grew up in Canada with an interest in men’s style then I’m sure that you looked at Harry Rosen in awe just waiting for the day when you’d have enough money to actually buy something.

Well, it almost lives up to its reputation. Harry Rosen is an absolute must if you’re looking for some of the biggest brands, but that doesn’t mean that the quality is always exceptional. As we mentioned before, some brands like Hugo Boss and Calvin Klein have great names but not always the best quality suits.

We would recommend Harry Rosen during sales or at one of their outlets. You can sometimes pick up $1000 suits for $300 and adding $100 for tailoring on top, it makes it much more appealing.

Moores Suits Canada


Moores is owned by Men’s Warehouse and that means that you’re going to get the same quality. In general, we would advise that you stay away from Moores because the quality isn’t the highest and you can often find better pieces at the same price.

However, if you’re in a rush and need something to wear, Moores can give you some decent pieces. The main problem is that you’ll need to fit well off-the-rack.

(In our opinion)​



Winners is essentially TJ Maxx for Canadians and is one of our favorite stores in Toronto. If you’re looking for shirts and suits, you’ll often find name brands for a fraction of the price. Take a couple hours to sift through the racks and you’re sure to find a few bargains.



Herschel is a Canadian company that has since become recognized across the globe. We needed to give them some love because Canadian fashion is often a little… disappointing… and it’s great to see a homegrown brand doing so well. Go buy a bag.

Simons Canada clothing


For some reason Simons is still relatively obscure across Ontario. Started in Quebec, La Maison Simons, known as Simons, is a fashion curating store that stocks a lot of pieces from the biggest brands, but also has 10 private labels that they sell. With everything from professional outfits to avant-garde pieces, there truly is something for everyone.



Roots sometimes gets a bad rep, but their sales can make some of their products an absolute steal. We like their flannel shirts and polos.

Reigning Champ Sports Clothes

Reigning Champ

Reigning Champ designs and produces luxury athletic wear for men and women. Started in BC they’ve become popular across Canada and the States. They recently released a collaboration with Adidas and they have also worked with Asics and NBA All Star in the past.



They seem to be becoming more famous each and everyday. Wings+Horns bring an Eastern aesthetic to their clothing, with a minimalistic design and an eye for detail. They remind us of Cos because of their approach to design and their sparse showrooms.

Naked & Famous denim

Naked & Famous

Naked & Famous have long been a staple among raw denim lovers and all of their products are made right here in Canada. They source the most unique and rare denim from Japan, where they work with prestigious and quality mills to create outstanding materials. If you’re about to splash on some raw denim, check out N&F before you checkout.

United Kingdom

Marks and Spencer Menswear

Marks and Spencer

Marks and Spencer are a British institution and are as engrained in British culture as tea and scones. After working with David Gandy they’ve managed to turn their men’s collection around and creating something that is stylish and authentic feeling for the average stylish man.

The last time we saw their suits was in 2014/2015 but the quality was good, the cut was aesthetically pleasing and the price was very competitive. If it’s anything like that still, M&S is a fantastic option for a first or second suit. They’ve also got lovely nightwear and t-shirts.

Get the Label UK

Get The Label

Get The Label is a fantastic way for you to buy from some of the most popular brands at a discount price. GTL appears to sell primarily out of season stock and also leftovers from some of the larger stores. It’s very similar to TK Maxx, but have a much more usable website.

Selfridges department store


Selfridges is a must if you’re looking for designer fashion and luxury pieces. Voted the best department store in the world, few places can come close to what Selfridges is able to offer.

Jacamo men's


If you watch a lot of TV then you’ll have heard of Jacamo before. They specialize in fashion for the ‘average’ man, which is code for a more realistic body shape that many designers can’t seem to fit.

Although they don’t have the most stylish clothes, some of their polos and jeans look nice, especially if you're accustomed to poorly fitting ‘slim’ clothes from fast fashion retailers.

House of Fraser

House of Fraser

House of Fraser is the house of brands and is a British department store that stocks middle to high end fashion. It’s generally much cheaper than the products that Selfridges sells and markets to a middle-class audience. If you’re looking for common name brands at reasonable prices, House of Fraser is always a safe pick.

NEXT clothing store


Next is one of our favorite brands and it’s a travesty that they are almost impossible to find outside of the UK. The products that we love the most are their button-down shirts and their jeans.

You can find a comfortable and professional pair of dark wash jeans for £25 and a smart shirt for £20. You’re going to struggle to find products of a similar quality at such a bargain price. Next is a must for traditionally stylish British men.

Moss Bro's

Moss Bros

When you bought your first suit there’s a good chance it was either from T.M.Lewin or Moss Bros. Moss Bros must be one of, if not the largest smart menswear retailers in the UK, they have shops all over the country.

Although the quality isn’t going to blow you away, they do offer some very reasonable suits and the customer service has always been great in our experience.

Burton men's


I actually bought my first suit from Burton when I was about 13 years old and they still to this day have some reasonable products at bargain prices. If you can’t stretch your budget to afford a better suit, Burtons suits are the British equivalent of brands like Banana Republic.



Debenhams is another British department store that is comparable to House of Fraser but generally stocks a wider range of budget options. Although they primarily seem to cater to women, some stores do have a large men’s department.

We find that Debenhams is a great place to buy American brands like Levi’s and Calvin Klein at a price that won’t make you want to cry.

Palace Skateboards Clothes


In the last few years Palace has gone from almost complete obscurity to screaming mainstream popularity with US actors like Jonah Hill regularly wearing their clothing. If you ever claim that you wore Palace or listened to grime before it became popular, people will call you a liar and you will be shunned from society.

Their collaboration with Adidas was probably their best look book so far. Make sure to check them out and buy everything you can before your city becomes overrun with Palace merch, if it hasn’t already.

(Just kidding, we love their stuff. Go buy it. Yes, we are salty that no-one believes us.)

All Saints fashion

All Saints

Founded in London, All Saints has an eclectic mix of leather jackets, shirts, suits and jeans. They sell a little bit of this, a little bit of that and everything is amazing. Although nothing they sell is ‘cheap’, you can find pieces at a similar price to fast fashion retailers and the quality is far superior. Also, their sales can get pretty ridiculous with 50% off a huge range of pieces.

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