Tom Ford’s Personal Thoughts on Style, Fragrance and Life

By Jack Prenter / November 22, 2017
Feature Image on Tom Ford

Tom Ford, previously the creative director of both Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent, and now the CEO of his eponymous luxury brand, Tom Ford. Despite having reached success primarily for his women’s collections, Tom Ford is perhaps known most of all for their suits.

In recent years Ford has expanded the brand into shoes, jewelry, perfume and beauty products. Having reached levels of near ubiquity within the upper echelons of society, it seems only right that Jay-Z, true musical royalty, wrote a song titled “Tom Ford” about his wide collection of Tom Ford suits.

On the 2nd of November 2017, Mr Porter released a short film titled “Mr Tom Ford’s Personal Thoughts on Style”, a monologue by the designer on his wardrobe go-to’s, his mindset and fashion thoughts.

While this is far from the most informative video that Ford has starred in, it’s likely the most artistic. Mr Porter and Net-a-Porter are renowned for their short films, each of which brings value to the audience whilst still being a work of art.

This film starts with a young male model starting a record as Ford speaks gently.

According to Ford, ‘a good white poplin shirt is something that every man should have a few of in his closet’ something that most male style experts would agree with. Poplin is a beautiful material that tends to hold a vibrant and deep white particularly well.

The video continues as the man changes outfits, ‘I think that all men should own a beautifully cut black suit’ says Ford, an opinion that should be evident to anyone who knows how Ford dresses. It’s unlikely that you’ll ever see him without one of his popular suits, even when he’s flying across the country.

Ford’s suits are generally quite traditional, with a ’strong shoulder and a generous lapel’ which if well constructed ‘should make you feel younger and trimmer’. Most fashionable suit brands have been producing thin, tight suits with small lapels in recent years, a style that Ford seems to resent.

While some men hate the idea of having to wear formal wear, ‘there’s nothing sexier and more attractive than confidence and a good suit should give you that.’ Ford certainly isn’t alone in that opinion, a survey of women proved that they really do love a man in a suit.

Tom Ford has never shied away from controversy, sticking to his guns, which are often fully-loaded with unapologetic sexuality. While many brands have diversified their models and looks, Ford has stuck true to the 90’s course of fashion with skinny, sexual models that are often shot in provocative positions.

The model in the film goes to grab a piece of candy as Ford professes that ’it should last you forever, provided that you don’t gain weight’, something Ford has talked about at length. In previous interviews he has spoken candidly about his weight, which he keeps under control with daily exercise and a balanced diet, if at times a little heavy in alcohol and cigarettes.

This scene is sure to incite some criticism, especially in the current social climate of body acceptance and model diversification. However, critics shouldn’t be too quick to jump to Twitter, at the end of the video the model returns to the bowl of candy, indulging himself.

If anything could represent Ford, that might be it.

Living a strict life that is filled with work 99% of the time, but allowing oneself to break the rules and indulge in the niceties of life every once in a while. Is that one piece of candy going to ruin the diet, or a single cigarette your health, it’s unlikely. Neither are good for you, but life is short and luxury should be chased and absorbed at all costs.

Ford continues his dialogue by challenging the men who refuse to dress up, ‘being overdressed is better than being underdressed’, a rule that plenty of men could benefit greatly from. While being underdressed is sure to cause you to stick out like a sore thumb, being overdressed is only going to make others look lazy and unprepared. It’s nearly impossible to overdress to the point of embarrassment and standing out isn’t all that bad, you should try it sometime.

Towards the end of the film Ford discusses fragrance, which his brand is becoming more famous for each day. He urges that men should ‘be afraid of fragrance’, he claims to wear plenty and multiple different scents throughout the day. While some might disagree with his opinion on excess fragrance, his point is clear, people adore a beautiful scent and it should form the basis of a mans style.

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