About Us


KnownMan was founded with only one purpose; to answer every question that men have .

We founded in 2016 and aim to grow quickly through the coming years to become the go-to resource for all men. We believe that there are many men out there who have questions about style, sex, health and consumer goods that go unanswered. Our goal is to consistently answer the questions which we see men asking, eventually we'll have a comprehensive resource that will allow men to have easy access to trust-worthy information. We are constantly looking for contributions , feel free to reach out.

Our Team

Jack Prenter


Jack founded KnownMan with the hope of improving the lives of men across the world by giving them access to high-quality information about fashion, style, self-improvement and fitness. He loves fashion and has been writing about it for many years. Along with a small but dedicated team, Jack hopes to publish hundreds of articles each year from the knowledge that he has accrued through study, observation and practice.