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8 Best Work Boots Reviewed and Compared for 2018

By Jack Prenter / April 15, 2018

​Safety should always be your top priority while you’re working. Accidents can be devastating and costly, but with the right equipment they are easily avoidable. Safety boots or shoes are required to protect your feet in most labor jobs, but finding the right pair for your job and area of expertise isn’t easy. Each year there […]

Mens Watches for Small Wrists and Hands

By Jack Prenter / January 22, 2018

If you have thin wrists it can be incredibly difficult to find a timepiece that fits comfortably and still looks fantastic. The problem is that the majority of watches have larger faces, with the average around 42mm. For a thinner man this is far too big, looking clunky on your wrist, unlike how it would […]

What is the Best Swiss Army Knife for Most Men?

By Jack Prenter / June 14, 2017

After completing our search, we decided the the top choice for most men was the Victorinox Tinker. It doesn’t have as many tools as options like the Swisschamp or Huntsman, but it has more than enough for most men. It’s also very reasonably priced, making it accessible at all budgets. We don’t believe that many men […]