Mens Watches for Small Wrists and Hands

Mens watches for thin wrists

If you have thin wrists it can be incredibly difficult to find a timepiece that fits comfortably and still looks fantastic. The problem is that the majority of watches have larger faces, with the average around 42mm. For a thinner man this is far too big, looking clunky on your wrist, unlike how it would look on someone with thicker wrists.

For this reason it’s vital that you find a timepiece that is designed specifically with your body shape in mind. Doing so will ensure that it feels comfortable, doesn’t look oversized and goes perfectly with the rest of your attire.

Do I Have Small Wrists or Not?

The first question you must ask yourself is, do you really have small wrists? There are plenty of guys who are slimmer than most, but that doesn’t mean that you have smaller wrists.

In general it’s fair to say that if the circumference is less than 6.5 inches or 17cm, they are small. If you are above this number but still feel that most timepieces dwarf you, feel free to follow this guide.

For a quick check you can take a dollar bill and wrap its length around the joint, if the bill can touch, or is close to touching, you need to look for watches for small wrists. A dollar bill is precisely 6.14 inches long , making it a good estimate if you can’t find a tape measure in your house.

How to Choose Mens Watches for Small Wrists and Hands

When you are trying to buy a watch your goal should simply be to look fantastic. To do this you will need to find a timepiece that is proportional to your body so that it looks similar to how a standard sized watch would look on somebody of average weight.

To do this there are a few simple guidelines:

  • Look for a small case diameter, under 40mm
  • Avoid thick cases
  • Straps should be thinner than average
  • Avoid pieces with large knobs, crowns and other protruding features

These four rules will help you to choose a piece that will look great on your arm. The diameter of the case is particularly important because this measurement is going to have the most significant impact on whether the piece looks too big or just right.

Modern watches tend to have a large case diameter, while traditional and classic timepieces are generally more elegant and therefore much smaller. Buying from a reputable brand will make this easier because most still create slimmer and smaller cases.

The thickness of the case is also an important metric to consider because your wrists are thin both horizontally as well as vertically. Choosing a thick case will only accentuate this, instead, opt for a case that is as flush to your skin as possible. Again, this is more common with famous watchmakers who have the skill to create such intricate and minuscule products.

The strap that comes with the product isn’t all that important, you can always buy an aftermarket alternative. However, taking note of the width of the stock strap can give you a little more guidance as to how large the timepiece will be in person.

Finally, you should avoid products that have excessive protruding features. This factor is often overlooked and it can cause a product with a small case diameter to still look huge when you wear it.

In general this rule will prevent you from choosing field watches , diving watches and other chronographs that have protruding dials. Instead, opt for a classic shape without excessive features.

Daniel Wellington Classic Petite Sheffield

Daniel Wellington Petit Watch for Men
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By far the smallest case on this list, the Daniel Wellington Classic Petite Sheffield is only 32mm in diameter, considerably smaller than almost any watch on the market for men. But that’s not it, the strap is a tiny 14mm, less than half of the case, allowing it to still look stylish while being a minuscule watch that is perfect for a man like you.

Clearly having such a small profile this is by far and away the best choice for small wrists because it is elegant, discrete and incredibly affordable. Overall, if there is one timepiece that we had to recommend it would be this one.

While it’s available in both black and white with a range of different bands, the black band with either a white or black face is going to suit most men best.

We’ve talked about its size and the price, but we must also mention that the quality is great. For example; the strap is made with genuine Italian leather, rather than opting for a cheap faux leather like many companies, Daniel Wellington uses legitimate Italian leather.

Similarly, the bezel of the face is a rose-gold plated metal that looks beautiful and elegant when compared to either a regular silver or gold coating. You’ll also note that it’s water resistant to 100ft, making it ideal for brief immersion in water like taking a shower or washing your hands.

We’ll also mention that the case thickness is a minuscule 6mm and with only a discrete time changing screw this timepiece ticks all of our rules. For this reason it’s a clear top choice for you.

Daniel Wellington Classic Black St Mawes Petit

DW Petit Watch for Thin Wrists
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Daniel Wellington is a relatively new company, especially when most famous watchmakers have been working in the industry for centuries. Regardless, Daniel Wellington will be featured heavily in this list for two reasons; they have many small timepieces and they are incredibly attractive.

DW has an elegant style, with thinner than usual bands and a small case that looks larger than it is because of the thin strap. That’s great for a man like you because it still looks stylish but won’t be oversized on your wrist.

The strap itself is a deep mahogany color that’s common with dressier timepieces. On the other hand, the face is a light black, a color that is anything but traditional. This clash is what makes the watch so stylish, modern but classic at the same time.

Unlike so many modern timepieces this face isn’t cluttered with small dials, unnecessary features and other distracting elements. Instead, it’s as clean as can be, only a small insignia and the hands.

The case diameter on this piece is 32mm, and because there is very little bezel or protrusion it can look smaller. Overall this is a fantastic piece and when you consider the reasonable price it’s hard to resist.

Seiko Steel Japanese Automatic

Seiko Automatic Timepiece
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Seiko is one of the premier names at this price range. Unless you are interested in spending more money you are going to struggle to find a better timepiece. These are beautifully made with sapphire crystal and an automatic movement that is incredibly smooth and accurate.

The case diameter on this piece is a minuscule 38.4mm, making this a great choice for a man like yourself. Constructed out of stainless steel for a classic look, this watch would look fantastic with your work attire or at the bar in the evening.

With a relatively small face this piece is perfect for men that don’t want anything cluttered or overly confusing.

It’s also worth noting that it’s water resistant up to 100m (330ft), making it possible to wear this 24/7 without having to worry about taking it off for bathing.

As well as having a small case diameter the thickness is also noticeably lower than usual at only 11.2mm. For a man like you this is great news, providing a slim profile that won’t look bulky or out of place next to your thin arms or hands.

On the other hand, the band is 20mm, a little larger than you might expect for a case of this size. However, this is what gives it the chunkier and more masculine shape that most guys prefer over thinner profiles.

Although the price is considerably higher than the previous Daniel Wellington watches for small wrists, you also get a stainless steel piece with a beautiful mechanism that is going to be accurate over months and years. When you consider the value that you are getting from this timepiece the price is actually relatively competitive. In fact, if you take care of a Seiko you could easily wear it for the next 20-years, making it cheap in comparison.

Citizen Eco-Drive with Canvas Band

Citizen Eco-Drive with Canvas Band
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Citizen is another popular brand at this price range, producing consistently good quality products that are stylish while still being practical for everyday use. This particular product has a stainless steel case and a thick green canvas band that is ideal for wearing with casual outfits and outdoor activities. In fact, if you’re looking for a utilitarian piece that you can wear day-in and day-out without worrying, this is as good a choice as any at this price point.

Designed with a Japanese-quartz movement that charges from either natural or indoor light, it’s smooth and accurate, keeping time well considering it’s a mass produced product.

Although it might appear to be a regular sized case it’s actually only 37mm in diameter, making it one of the tiniest cases we could find in this style. However, you’ll note that it does have a large screw on the right side that you can use to change the time. Regardless, even when you consider this protruding feature it’s still not a bad pick.

Timex Weekender

Timex Weekender in Blue and Yellow
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Timex is possible one of the most well-known names in the men’s accessory world and the Weekender is likely their most popular model. Not only is it an absolute bargain, often available for under $40, the quality is excellent for the price point. In fact, it’s superior to even more expensive products.

This piece is available in a huge variety of color combinations, both on the case and face, as well as the strap. The NATO strap is a popular style which is perfect for wearing with smart casual outfits either at work or for hanging out with friends.

The case itself is only 38mm in diameter and because the time adjustment screw is so small it will look even better on your arm than the figures would suggest.

You’ll also note that the dial itself uses Indiglo, this means that the dial will light-up slightly in the dark so that you can read it more clearly without having to turn the lights on. Just as useful as that feature is the fact that the face has both 12-hour and 24-hour time numerals on it, making conversion a breeze.

Seiko Silvertone with Black Dial

Seiko Silvertone with Black Dial
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Finally, another Seiko watch that looks similar to the first but is generally available at a lower price. This piece is solar-powered both by natural as well as artificial light that you would get inside of your house or in the office.

Similarly to the first Seiko model this one has a date window at 3 o’clock and sword-shaped hands that allow you to tell the time more precisely.

Produced using stainless steel and Hardlex, this is a tough watch that isn’t going to break easily.   Similarly, the piece is water-resistant to 100 feet, making it ideal for showering and possibly swimming but certainly not for diving.

Regarding size the diameter of the case is 37mm, smaller than most of the other timepieces on this list. The thickness is also lower as well as the band being slightly thinner. These three factors are incredibly important to having a watch that is going to look proportional to your body.

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