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Fleshlight is by far the most popular male sex toy in the industry, not least because of their partnership with top adult movie stars. Unlike their competition which often sell unappealing toys, they prioritize appearance, feeling and being discrete. All packages are generic without any branding and they aren't labeled as Fleshlight, they simply list an unassuming business name that doesn't make it look like an adult toy.

There are so many different options for sale and it can downright confusing to just pick one to buy. In this guide we’ll be explaining everything you to need to know about them, giving recommendations on which are the best fleshlights to buy and helping you to take the leap into the world of male sex toys. Plus, we'll also look at some of the most popular Fleshlight accessories which include a helpful mount and a heating rod to ensure that the toy is at the perfect temperature for your pleasure!

Fleshlight Review


Our favorite fleshlight for men

Destroya is one of the most intense textures but with great variety in width and pressure it's suitable for all men. It's the most pleasurable option out there according to reviews and therefore one of their top sellers!

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Stoya Destroya

Best Overall: Destroya

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Updated for 2019: We still believe that the Destroya texture is far and away the best option for the overwhelming majority of guys. Popular both as a standalone product as well as in the Stoya version, this is a fantastic choice for guys who love Stoya for her work and those who are only interested in picking the most pleasurable texture. It's also ideal for beginners who are looking for a fun but not ridiculously overwhelming texture.

With over 100 different textures available and other options, picking just a single one to recommend is difficult. However, it’s also necessary. Unless you want to spend tens of hours reading reviews like we’ve done, you probably just want to know what to buy.

So, we came to the conclusion that the best fleshlight texture for most guys is the Destroya. It’s one of the most intense textures available, which is what most men want and it’s the overall best fleshlight for men.

Most men don’t suffer from premature ejaculation. They just want the most enjoyable and most intense experience that they can get.

The Destroya texture can be bought on its own with a variety of orifices or it can be purchased as the Stoya product. Stoya is one of the worlds most recognizable porn stars and she’s also one of Fleshlights most popular girls.

Stoya Destroya Texture

The Destroya sleeve is one of the most intense that you can buy. At the entrance you’ll find three rings of bumps and notches that will grasp you as you enter, after that there is a ‘pleasure dome’ that consists of 360 degrees of larger pointed bumps that are able to stimulate you as you enter into it.

Next, there is a deep row of “fangs”, it doesn’t sound inviting but it’ll feel incredible. Finally, after 6 inches the sleeve narrows into a ribbed texture that continues for a further 3 inches, for a total of 9 inches of insertable sleeve.

Of course, this isn’t designed to be a realistic texture. The inside of a vagina doesn’t look anything like that. Instead, it’s designed to give you the greatest amount of pleasure at all times.

We believe that this is the right texture for the majority of men buying their first, third or tenth texture because it offers great intensity with plenty of variation and reasonable tightness. There’s a reason why it’s one of their best sellers!

Lotus Texture

Most Realistic: Lotus and Mini-Lotus

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The Lotus texture is one of the more popular textures available and can be found with a huge variety of orifices. A lot of men would also argue that it’s the most realistic based on the natural feel that you get as you enter it.

Unlike some of the more intense textures the Lotus is designed to feel more realistic. It doesn’t have any huge bumps or fangs. Instead, you’ll find gentle rolls, tighter sections and pressure points that feel natural.

In the first 3 inches you’ll find a natural vaginal canal that is tight before opening up a little wider. Then there is a section of rolls and small bumps that will stimulate you. Finally, from 6 inches to 9 inches you’ll find a highly stimulating set of bumps that are what make this texture so popular.

With the most enjoyable part of this texture so deep within the device you might want to consider the mini-lotus instead. It’s the exact same texture, just moved closer to the entrance so that men of all sizes can enjoy what this texture has to offer.

The great thing about the Lotus is that it strikes the perfect balance between realism and stimulation. Too realistic and it wouldn’t offer the pleasure that users expect but with too much going on inside of some textures you can lose the realism and fantasy that many men love.

Fleshlight Girls

For Fantasy: Fleshlight Girls

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Asa Akira pictured above is not only one of the worlds most popular adult movie stars, she's also a podcast host and business owner. With her own product molded directly from her vagina, this is as close to sleeping with her as most of us will ever get!

Although Fleshlights have always been popular, the company has been able to grow substantially by creating replica orifices from famous pornstars.

Each of the girls was covered in plaster, allowing the company to take an exact mould of their mouth, cheeks, legs, butt and vagina. They then used this to create lifelike replicas of their bodies for you to enjoy.

You can check out a video of it here, it’s surprisingly interesting:

Some of the girls have their own signature textures although many will allow you to combine their orifice with some of the most popular textures; lotus, mini-lotus and destroya.

The best part about the FLG’s are the unique textures that you can only get with each girl. It does make the fantasy a little more interesting and prevents from making it a generic experience with a different feel.

Some of the most popular FLG textures are:

  • Storm by Romi Rain
  • Fit by Nicole Aniston
  • Goddess by Annikka Albrite
  • Siren by Annikka Albrite
  • Crush by Dillion Harper
  • Sugar by Eva Lovia
  • Tease by Tera Patrick

Although it might seem appealing to buy one based upon the pornstar that you like, it’s probably smarter to take a look at the texture and appearance instead.

Each of the textures will have a different feel. Generally, the more bumps, depth changes and spikes in the canal the more intense it will be. Depending on what you’re looking for you should find a texture that matches you.

Update for 2019: Lara Rhoades was recently added to the collection. As one of the most recognizable faces in the industry she's sure to become the next must-have. The texture used is the Destiny sleeve, which is their number one selling texture because it provides a variety of feelings and great levels of pleasure.

Wonder Wave Sleeve

Best for Beginners: Wonder Wave

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If you’ve never used a masturbator before then it’s often advised that you started out with one of the lowest intensity and most basic textures available. However, we would recommend that you skip the basic original versions because they aren’t stimulating enough for most men.

Instead, one of the best textures is the wonder wave. It’s incredibly simplistic and has few depth changes throughout. This makes the resistance low and allows you to use it without any practice.

The wonder wave sleeve can be found with the lady, butt, mouth and cheeks orifices. Whatever floats your boat!

This is the companies second best selling textured sleeve and an absolute favorite for anybody who is new to this world.

You’ll find that the canal varies from 3/4” to 1/2” throughout, becoming slightly wider as you go in. It’s a relatively natural feeling texture and is designed to produce medium stimulation without overdoing it. If you’ve never used one of these you might be surprised how effective a simple texture can be.

This is often recommended for beginners because it’s relatively ‘inclusive’. Regardless of your size you’ll be able to enjoy everything the texture has to offer and it’s unlikely to be overly stimulating. On the other hand, you can always tighten or loosen the tightness of the sleeve by changing the tightness of the cap.

Overall, it’s easy to see why the wonder wave is one of their best selling sleeves. It’s also slightly cheaper than some of the others than they have available, making it a perfect entry choice for someone who thinks a texture like the Destroya might be too much.

Stamina Training Unit

Best for Practice: Stamina Training Unit (STU)

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The Stamina Training Unit or STU for short was created to replicate the intensity of sex and to help users increase their performance, stamina and technique all while they enjoy themselves.

It’s for this reason that the STU is their best selling product worldwide.

Update: This is still the product which we sell the most of. Presumably because it's the most intense and pleasurable, while having the added benefit of helping you to increase your stamina. If you can only afford to buy a single product, this would be our recommendation.

Regardless of whether you have problems with your stamina, this is a product to keep your eyes on. It’s their best selling product for a reason.

The STU has one of the more intense textures available. But more importantly than that, it’s intense all the way through. Textures like the Destroya have intense sections and more relaxed sections, whereas the STU is tight and forceful all the way through.

This allows it to maintain a constant pressure, giving you the best opportunity to train your stamina and performance. For any men with stamina issues, this is a must. Practicing with the STU will allow you to perform far better in bed.

If you can last with the STU , you’ll last with any woman.

Just as importantly, it comes in a gorgeous gold case. Oh, shiny!

The STU stands 9.75” tall and has an insertable length of 8.5”, making it long enough for almost every guy. Although it’s called a “stamina” trainer, it’s also designed for pleasure. There’s no reason to suffer, you want to enjoy your training.

On the inside of the texture you’ll find that it has 360 degrees of medium sized bumps the entire length of the canal. It’s also of an even width from the start to the finish. Both of these factors provide plenty of stimulation all the way through.

With a texture like this that is tight and provides a lot of pressure you want to make sure that you’re using enough lube to prevent any tugging or rubbing.

The STU can be purchased with the classic ‘lady’ orifice, but you might also consider a ‘pure’ orifice. This is simply a hole, it isn’t designed to resemble any anatomical part and might make training a little easier.

For guys who are looking for some next-generation pleasure, the Vstroker STU allows you to integrate your fleshlight into an interactive porn scene. If you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a VR setup, this is the cheapest way for you to be involved in interactive scenes.

The movements of the STU are tracked and will affect the video on screen. Although it’s nowhere near the level of some of the ultra-expensive VR setups, it’s also only a small fraction of the cost.

For someone looking to make your experience more exciting and enjoyable, the Vstroker is a crucial upgrade. At such a small cost, it should be a no-brainer.

Obsession Sleeve

Most Intense: Obsession

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If you’re looking for an intensely pleasurable texture then Obsession by Jenna Haze is the only choice. It’s the tightest, most intense texture that is for sale and will feel better than any other sleeve.

The reason for this is primarily the concentration of bristles that make for an extremely tight sleeve, supplying huge amounts of pressure. If you have problems with low levels of stimulation when you masturbate then trying an intense sleeve lie Obsession might help you to enjoy it more.

Modeled on the porn star Jenna Haze who is famous for her girl on girl scenes, this sleeve comes with a lady orifice. There is also a Lust texture which is modeled on her rear end, but it’s not as highly recommended as the Obsession sleeve.

At the start of the sleeve it can be deceivingly open, with a low intensity and looser chamber for the first two inches. However, after that the rest of the sleeve is filled with a tight chamber of solid bristles that get tighter and more dense as the texture goes deeper.

These bumps are arranged at a 45-degree angle in the direction of the entrance which helps to provide resistance and stimulation. These bumps have been featured in other textures in the past including the most recommended Destroya by Fleshlight Girls Stoya.

To be honest, this sleeve isn’t for the faint hearted. It was designed to be the most intense sleeve imaginable and it’s exactly that. If you’re purchasing your first toy then you should probably look to something less intense or the Destroya which is just as intense but more forgiving.

Obsession has little to no variation, which can make for a less interesting or enjoyable experience, but one that is more physically intense. This texture wasn’t made for any other purpose than to get you off as fast and as hard as possible.

Pilot Texture

Most Convenient: Pilot

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The Pilot is often one of the products that beginners to this industry pick because it’s relatively cheap, un-intimidating and more discreet than the larger flagship model.

It’s currently the #1 selling male sex toy and was designed to be portable, discreet and still fun. If you’re looking for a toy that is easier to hide or to take with you when your travel then this is by far the best option.

While the flagship models have an insertable length of 9” the Pilot only goes up to 6”. This means two things; it’s easier to carry and most guys will be able to enjoy to full sleeve. Unlike some of the traditional sleeves which made it difficult for small guys to enjoy, with a shorter length its fun for everyone.

It’s also a lot more attractive. Of course, the quality and appearance of the casing probably isn’t what you’re thinking about when you’re using it, but it’s still a nice touch. With a small size its also much more comfortable to hold, the excessive length on the flagship model can be cumbersome.

Within the same sized casing you’ll also have the options of buying the Aviator or the Instructor. However, the Pilot is generally considered the best of the three and is by far the most popular. So, if you’re looking for a travel Fleshlight then the Pilot is your best option.

Unfortunately, at this time the Pilot doesn’t allow you to interchange with different textures. In our opinion this would be the best improvement that could be made. It would be great if FL could provide 6” versions of their flagship 9” models for those guys who want a portable version while they travel.

Mini Lotus Sleeve

Best for Smaller Guys: Mini-Lotus

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If you’re below average then there are two options that you might want to consider; the Mini-lotus and the Super tight sleeve.

The mini-lotus is a shrunk down version of their bestselling Lotus texture which is a relatively intense textured sleeve that is perfect for first-time buyers. The texture comes in several ‘waves’ which are space throughout the sleeve with varying widths and bumps.

For a beginner sleeve this is relatively intense and is highly recommended by guys who’ve tried tens of different options.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a lower intensity option then you should pick the Super Tight Sleeve. To create this the team at FL has taken their original which is just an open tube and tighten it considerably so that it provides more for smaller guys.

The great thing about both of these sleeves is that they are available with multiple different orifices. Also, the mini-lotus is extremely common and can be found with traditional options as well as on the FL girls.

Alien Sleeve

Best for 'Freaks': Alien

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Introducing the Freaks range. That’s not an insult, that’s genuinely what they’re called. The Freaks are a range of FL’s based on aliens, monsters, zombies and out of this world creatures. Bored of humans? We don’t blame ‘ya, well now you can mix it up a bit and get inter-species.

The most highly recommended of the Freaks range is the Alien which is an interesting combination of a few of their bestselling textures, with an alien orifice and a cool blue casing. Rather than reinvent the wheel they found out what guys liked and put it all into a single product.

Some people might find the Freaks range a bit peculiar, but who are we to judge. If this is your thing then go for it.

At the entrance canal you’ll find a spinning vortex which swirls together, based on their famous Vortex texture which has been highly recommended for beginners. After the Vortex they’ve included a Lotus node from one of their bestselling textures, which leads into the final bump chamber which is from their Stamina Training Unit (STU).

All together this makes for a more interesting product, they’ve included the STU feel which is marketed as their most intense choice, their Lotus node which is a bestseller and the Vortex swirl which seems right for an Alien. Overall it seems like they’ve done a fantastic job with this product and the reviews would agree, claiming that it's one of the most enjoyable textures on the market.

Every review that we read on this product was overwhelmingly positive, of course you have to take those with a grain of salt because people tend not to leave bad reviews on this type of product. Regardless, it’s a good sign that people are enjoying it. If you’re interested in the Freaks range then this is a good an entry-choice as any.


The reason that we created this guide is because it’s quite difficult to figure out which product you should buy. There are so many available and without understanding how they work or reading reviews it’s almost impossible to predict how they will perform.

Hopefully you’ve found this guide useful so far. Now, we’re going to go into a little more depth to explain the types of product that are available and how they differ. We’ll also look at how they are made and the materials that are included.


The name of the company came from the resemblance to a flashlight. Of course, this casing is what we all think of when someone mentions the brand and it’s what has made the company so successful.

Although these kinds of products aren’t as taboo as they once were, discreetness is still a factor to many customers and they love the fact that’s it’s not as obvious as the competitors. The casing itself is usually made of a thick plastic that provides some backbone for the rubber to push into.

However, there are models that are made with a thinner and more flexible plastic that can be squeezed to apply extra pressure manually. With the flagship models this isn’t needed because the pressure and suction is controlled with a screw cap on the rear of the device.

By closing the cap you will shut off the air flow, creating a much tighter suction and therefore greater pressure. Of course, you can also open the cap entirely or however much you want to choose a level that suits you best.

Generally, from our research it seems that most guys seem to prefer the cap close to fully closed, leaving just a little airflow for a tight but still comfortable feel.


Another thing that you’ll want to consider when you’re choosing the right product for you is the entry or orifice. This is basically just the design on the front of the toy, it has little to no physical impact on the toy, so just pick the one that you find the most appealing.

The flagship original entries were rumored to be based on a famous star but in fact were just a generic mould that was created in a graphic design program. However, the Fleshlight Girls are perfect plaster casts of the girls themselves.

The company brought the girls in and had their bodies covered in a moulding plaster so that they could create anatomically accurate entries for their range of toys. Unsurprisingly, these are some of the most popular products that they company sells.

You might be disappointed to hear that they didn’t mould the insides of the girls, perhaps in the future. Instead, each girl has a specific texture that comes with their product, making for a unique experience.

Typically there are three types available: Lady, Butt and Mouth. Lady is a cast of the vagina, while butt and mouth should be obvious. Lady is the most popular with the 'rear' textures a close second and mouth far less popular.


The absolute most important part of any toy is the way that it functions and with FL’s it’s all about the texture of the sleeve.

The sleeve is simply the long “Superskin” material that runs the length of the casing and is what you would enjoy. There are hundreds of different sleeves each with a unique inside texture which will decide how it feels.

Of course, this all comes down to your individual taste and so you should pick one that you think will suit you best.

Each of these sleeves is created with “Superskin” material which is a trademarked material that FL has created to simulate as closely as they can the real feel of a human body. This is what sets them apart from cheaper competitors and also what keeps the products fresh use after use. With cheap products you’ll often find that they wear out quickly.

What about Accessories?

As well as the toys themselves you’ll also find that they sell a wide range of accessories. Some might only cost a few bucks while others can be hundreds. The great thing about these products is that you really can mix and match to get more variety from a single product.

Update: When we first published this article we failed to mention the renewing powder. This powder is similar to other talc based powders, helping to remove water and renew and restore the feeling. After a while you might notice that the material starts to stretch a little and become less enjoyable. Applying the powder throughout the inside of the sleeve and leaving it will help to restore it to its original feeling. This powder is surprisingly effective and a must buy for guys that use their toy regularly.



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One of the cheapest accessories than you can buy is their own brand of lube. This is highly recommended, when you use your hand you might get away with no using any but you’ll likely find it very uncomfortable if you don’t use any lubricant with these toys.

Although you can use your own or another companies, this type is specifically designed to wash out easily, work well with the product and to prevent and erosion of the sleeve.

Some oil based lubes will cause a breakdown of the latex and rubber which causes your product to break much quicker. Instead, make sure that you’re using a water based liquid and plenty of it.

Fleshlight Shower Mount

Shower Mount

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The shower mount allows you to screw your FL into the holder and then stick it onto your bathroom tiles. Of course, this allows you to use it ‘hands-free’.

If you’re looking for this kind of an experience rather than a ‘hands-on’ type then the shower mount is a must. It’s usually available for around $30, making it very reasonable given that it should last a lifetime.

The reviews on the mount are overwhelmingly positive and many veterans will argue that it’s critical to getting the full experience. It should be noted that the suction cup allows it to be mounted to practically any surface, not just in the shower. This suction cup makes it ideal for using in your bedroom too, for example on a cupboard or your bedroom door.

Fleshlight Launch

Launch Yourself into a Whole New World

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The FL Launch is the future. This crazy looking machine allows you to lock your FL into the machine, which will move the toy up and down for you, pump lube in and gives you control over the speed and stroke.

If you’re interested in the future of male toys, this is it. Not only that but you can also sync it up to VR content and POV experiences that will make it feel as real as it physically possible.

Currently the Launch is available for $199.95. It is a lot of money, but this is the gold-standard of male toys, there is nothing better than this. It can go up to 180 strokes per minute and with exclusive VR content you can use your Oculus Rift or other VR devices to experience scenes in Full HD POV.

Sleeve Warmer

Sleeve Warmer

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If you’ve never used one of these toys before then you might wonder why you’d need a warmer. In fact, a lot of the experience of a real human is the warmth and other sensations.

With a cold toy you’re not going to have quite the same enjoyment. A warmer is the easiest and most recommended way to warm up your FL but if you’re not willing to spend the money then you can also bathe it in warm water for 10-minutes before usage.

How do you Use it?

We’re going to cover how you can use the toy in detail while trying to avoid being overly graphic. To start off with you need to take the time to prepare, if possible.

The first thing you should do is to warm the inside of the toy, you can do this by putting it on the Sleeve Warmer or bathing it in warm-hot water for 10-minutes.

Once it’s warm inside you should empty any water if there is any and then apply a reasonable amount of lube, this will prevent any pulling or rubbing.

Then, you can insert yourself into the toy as you would with a woman or man. Once you’ve finished it’s important that you clean the toy. Fortunately, the sleeve is designed to rinse easily. You can take the sleeve out and rinse it with water before letting it dry overnight.

You should also buy some of the FL antibacterial spray to clean the inside of the product. Some guys would argue that you only need to use this every week or couple weeks, but for maximum hygiene it’s best to use after each use. You should spray it onto the inside of the sleeve once it has dried.

Note: When these products are shipped some of them will come with a plastic or cardboard rod in them to keep them sturdy and to prevent them losing shape. Make sure that you take this out before usage.

Why Choose Fleshlight Over Other Brands?

You might be asking yourself, why this brand? There seem to be tens if not hundreds of different options and all of them seem relatively similar, at least to an uneducated eye.

In fact, FL was a radical innovator. Before them there were no products for men of this kind and they’ve stayed at the forefront of this industry ever since. Not only are they one of the few companies to ever take molds of real stars, they’re constantly releasing new generation products like the Launch and their VR products.

Most importantly, the patented material that they use to create their sleeves is far and away the best in the industry. Not only is it the softest and most realistic feeling, it’s also incredibly durable. That’s why you’re paying more than you would with other brands.

Not only do you get a much better experience you also get a product that will last far longer. If you take proper take of your product it should easily last a couple years and even then you’ll only need to replace the sleeve at a relatively small cost.

Unlike in the female toy space, there aren’t many competitive companies. FL is one of the few who goes out of there way to constantly create industry leading products, even though they have little competition.

Similarly, they provide exceptional customer service. From the reviews we read about the customer service it seems that most people were extremely impressed and were able to solve any problems they had quickly. We also saw them make exceptions to ship region-specific products across continents, all to satisfy long-term customers.

It’s great to see a company going above and beyond what they need to do and that’s why men keep coming back to them over and over again.

A Short History of Fleshlight

FL was founded by Steve Shubin in 1995 and to this day he runs the company Interactive Life Forms with his wife. The company was granted a patent in July 1998 for the type of product and have gone on to create different styles after the traditional tube design they started with.

Later on they started their range of ‘ FL Girls ’ which are based upon some of the most popular stars. In the past few years they’ve also expanded this range to popular Camgirls.


These toys have a reputation for being amazing and that’s why they have little competition. In this market there are very few competitors and FL have been able to consistently create new innovative products to market to their customers.

If you’re looking for the best fleshlights then you should consider some of the ones we talked about above (we’ll recap below this, too). Hopefully this fleshlight review has been helpful. If it gets enough traction then we’ll consider individual fleshlight reviews of the textures and product range.

The female toy market has been more socially acceptable and hopefully more open and frank discussion of male products will help to make it more acceptable too. Do whatever makes you happy.

Let’s quickly recap what we thought were the best fleshlights for most men:

  • Destroya
  • Utopia
  • Lotus / Mini-lotus
  • FLG
  • Wonder Wave
  • STU
  • Pilot
  • Obsession
  • Freaks
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