10 Best Undershirts for Men: We Look at the Top Options Available in Crew and V-Neck

We review the top 10 undershirts for men in crew neck and v neck

We know that you're busy and there's a good chance you don't want to read through a 4,000 word article... Because of that, we've decided to include a short recap of the #1 undershirt and a link to where you can buy it. Check it out here and find out how much it costs:

Sweat Proof Undershirt

Thompson Tee's V-Neck

Our favorite undershirt for men

Made out of 95% bamboo and 5% spandex, it features efficient underarm sweat pads that prevent your dress shirt from getting wet.

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Undershirts have been worn by man for generations to provide an extra layer under a sweater, to prevent sweat from reaching your dress shirt and to add to the style of your V-neck.

Just in the past week we’ve seen countless men wearing t-shirts as undershirts and it’s a pity because they aren’t as comfortable and don’t fill the same purpose. Undershirts are much thinner, preventing you from overheating and also from showing visible lines through your top layer. On the other hand, t-shirts are thick cotton that will make you sweat. Finding the best undershirt for men can be a pain, given how many options there are out there, without reading other peoples reviews it would be near impossible.

Different Styles of Undershirts

Just like a regular t-shirt, undershirts come in a variety of different colors, styles and cuts. The cut that you choose will depend on how you’re planning to wear it and what cut the top layer will be.

For example; if you’re going to be wearing a V-neck sweater then you’ll, generally, want to pick a crew neck undershirt to go with it so that your upper chest isn’t revealed. Obviously, if you’re rippling with muscle then you might decide that’s the look you want, in that case, more power to you.

The most common reason that men buy undershirts is to wear under their work dress shirts. If you’re going to be wearing the top-button open then you’ll want to make sure that you pick a V-neck undershirt so that it’s not visible with your dress shirt open.

On the other hand, if you’re wearing a dress shirt with a tie it’s best to wear a crew neck undershirts because with a V-neck you’ll be able to see the line of the neckline through your dress shirt.

As you can see, it’s important to know which cut to wear in different situations and more importantly, to have a wide range of undershirts so that you never have to go without.

How to Pick the Best Undershirt for You

The most important thing to consider is the color of the undershirt that you want. You need to figure out what you’re going to be wearing the undershirt with and why you need to be wearing it.

In general, most men will need a few white undershirts and a few dark ones, across a range of different cuts.

Once you’ve figured out the right color you’ll want to consider the cut which is going to look best with the top layer that you’ve pick to go with it. In most cases, a crew neck is suitable and V-necks are usually reserved for wearing with an open collared dress shirt.

Finally, you’ll want to set a budget so that you know which shirts are out of your price range. There can be a huge difference in pricing between different products and in general, it’s worth spending a bit more to get a higher quality product. Cheaper products have inferior materials and can feel itchy and scratchy when you wear them.

How we Ranked Them

Ranking any list of products is going to be tough and it’s obviously going to be subjective to the person who is reviewing the choices and deciding on what they like the best. We’ve tried to be as impartial as possible and include the products that we think people will like the most.

There were a range of factors that we considered when looking at the products and deciding in what order they should be ranked:

Quality of the materials - Most shirts are made from 100% cotton, but some may also include other materials like spandex, the quality of these materials is very important. Cheaper products have lower quality materials and they can itch your skin and be uncomfortable to wear. There’s no point you buying something that you won’t wear, so we wanted to make sure that the quality of the materials is good.

Price - As with any purchase, the amount you have to pay is going to be important to you. But more than that, we wanted to take into account the amount of shirts you get for the price that you pay. In general, the more you spend the higher the quality of the products, but this isn’t always the case and there are some great but cheaper options available.

Style - In style we include a range of factors; cut, color, prints, logos and length. If you’ve ever worn one before they’ll you know that one of the most common complaints is that they often aren’t cut long enough and they become untucked in the middle of the day. This is super irritating and we’ve tried to give preference to longer options that will fit the majority of buyers. Similarly, we’ve given extra weighting to those with color and cut options, although this doesn’t always matter. Sometimes, it’s best to buy a few different brands for different situations.

10 Best Undershirts for Men

Thompson Tees - V Neck

Thompson Tee Sweat Proof Undershirt (Slim fit, V-Neck)

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If you’ve seen Shark Tank, ABC News, The Today Show, or CNBC, there’s a chance that you’ve seen a profile on this product before. Thompson Tee makes products for men who have problems with sweating and this undershirt is designed to prevent sweat from reaching your dress shirt.

We should start this review by saying that even if you don’t have a big issue with sweat, if you’ve ever experienced as sticky shirt, this will prevent it. These are the top choice for undershirts, they are specifically designed to deal with the problems that make men want to buy an undershirt in the first place.

Each of the shirts is handcrafted in the USA and is made primarily with bamboo instead of cotton. Bamboo is naturally resistant to odors and so, these shirts will help to battle the smell of your sweat.

With 95% bamboo and 5% spandex, they will be a slim fit. This is exactly what you want in most cases, you don’t want an undershirt that’s flapping about under your dress shirt, you want it tight and tucked so that you forget that it’s there.

Each of the shirts comes built with thick underarm pads that will prevent any sweat from reaching your dress shirt and will keep you feeling dry the entire day. No longer will you awkwardly have to keep your arms down in business meeting, you’ll soon forget that you ever had a problem with sweat.

Fortunately, they are available in white and black, perfect for most men and this means you’ll never have to go without your Thompson Tee . You might also be surprised to hear that most people agree that they are still very breathable and don’t feel as thick as you’d imagine. In fact, they feel a lot better than most undershirts.

The designers have really thought of everything with this product , they’ve even added a couple inches of extra length to them so that they can stay tucked throughout the day.

The only downside is the price. These shirts aren’t cheap, but they also provide a quality that is unrivaled. We would seriously recommend that you at least buy one of these for important days at the office when you can’t afford to sweat. They are the best undershirt for men and provide great value, even at such a high price.

Eji's Sweat Proof Shirt

Eji’s Sweat Proof Undershirts (Slim fit, V-Neck)

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Eji’s is the competitor to Thompson Tee’s and their products are relatively similar. Both of them aim to provide a product for men who are sick of seeing sweat marks on their shirts and want a product that isn’t going to let them down.

The reason that we didn’t rank these above the Thompson Tee’s is because they are slightly more expensive, they don’t have the same extra length that we love to see and reviews suggest the underarm padding isn’t quite as amazing.

However, that’s not to say that these aren’t a great choice. If you’ve tried the Thompson Tee’s and didn’t like the fit or performance then you might want to give these a try instead.

Unlike the Thompson Tee’s which are made out of bamboo which is naturally odor resistant, they Eji’s are made with silver fused fibers. Silver is one of the most effective odor and bacteria resistant materials that we are currently aware of.

This means that these shirts will prevent bacteria from forming and therefore will stop the odor from your underarm sweat. The key to their success is the multiple layers of the product that includes a waterproof layer that prevents any liquid from ever reaching your dress shirts.

The biggest difference between these and the Thompson Tee’s is that rather than having padding under the arms, they have a multi-layer system that is infused with silver fibers. In real terms, this means that you’ll feel these less than the Thompson Tee’s which can feel thick in the underarms and less comfortable.

If these had the extra length that is preferable then we would have ranked these at the top, so, if you’re a taller guy you might want to consider this.

Calvin Klein V Neck

Calvin Klein 3-Pack Cotton Undershirts (Regular fit, V-Neck)

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Unlike the previous two, the Calvin Klein’s aren’t sweat-resistant, they are regular fitting and come with a relatively deep V-neck. They are available in four different colors; white, black, grey and blue. This should give you plenty of choice and allow you to wear these with almost anything that you own.

These are made from 100% cotton that is of reasonable quality and are soft and comfortable. Like any good undershirt, they are completely free of tags so you won’t feel that irritating scratch throughout the day.

From the reviews that we read it seems that they are about an inch and a half longer than your average tee, perfect for keeping tucked in all day without being overly long and uncomfortable.

The sizing on these does seem to differ, unfortunately, depending on which batch you get. It appears that CK are using different factories around the world to produce these and depending on where you get them they might be a little looser or a little tighter than expected.

What we would recommend is to buy them true to size because many men are reporting that they are slightly stretchy, despite being 100% cotton and that they don’t shrink in the wash. It’s better to have a slightly loose shirt than it is to have one that’s unwearable. On the other hand, you can simply send them back and ask for another pack!

David Archy - V Neck Top

David Archy 3-Pack Micro Modal (Slim fit, V-Neck)

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The David Archy shirts are created with flat seams that are designed to make them more comfortable to wear and to move about in. The problem with some conventional, cheaper shirts, is that the seams along the shoulder can make it uncomfortable to move your arm.

These flat seams also have the added benefit of making them difficult to see a through a tight dress shirt, perfect for work and play!

These David Archy products are ‘ micro modal ’, this refers to the type of fiber in the fabric. This type is extracted from beechwood and makes the products extra soft to the touch and therefore, even more comfortable to wear.

Reviews seem to suggest that this fits true to size at the shoulders and chest, but it loose around the waist. This is great if you’re holding a little extra weight around your stomach and should make sure it’s still comfortable to tuck in.

Although this is sold as a V-Neck, it’s very shallow and narrow too. Depending on how you intend to wear this, it might not be suitable. If you’re looking for a crew neck to wear under a dress shirt, this would be fine too because the V-Neck is so shallow.

Hanes Men's FreshIQ T-Shirt

Hanes Men’s FreshIQ (Regular fit, V-Neck)

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It would be tough to make a list of undershirts and to not include Hanes, they are one of the most popular brands in the market and have been for many years.

Hanes is known for producing decent quality products at a competitive price and that’s exactly what this is. It doesn’t stand out as an incredible product, but the price is very good and it’s hard to find any complaints for the amount it costs.

This is the best cheap undershirt for men and comes with an incredibly deep and wide V-Neck that is perfect to wear with unbuttoned dress shirts.

The FreshIQ technology that have in the products is designed to help prevent agains the production of odor creating bacterias. This should help to keep them smelling fresh everyday and whilst you shouldn’t expect it to perform anywhere near as well as the Thompson Tee’s, it’s better than nothing!

As you’d expect from such a well-known brand, these come preshrunk and that means that you shouldn’t experience any shrinkage from washing these on a cool or warm temperature. However, they are 100% cotton and so after months of use and regular washing you might experience slight hardening of the fabric and shrinkage around the arms and neckline.

The fit seems to be true to size, if not slightly large. If you are between sizes then you might consider going for the lower size just in case you find they come in larger than expected. Regarding the thickness, they are thick enough that you can’t see through the fabric, but thin enough as to prevent any bulking of the fabric or excess heat.

A 6-pack can normally be found for around $15, making them extremely affordable and one of the highest quality choices you’ll be able to find at that price range. If you’re on a budget or just looking for a few cheaper options, this is a great choice that is hard to argue with considering the price.

Mr David Bamboo T-Shirt

Mr. Davis Men’s Bamboo Undershirts (Slim fit, V-Neck)

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As with the Thompson Tee’s, these are made out of bamboo which provides a level of comfort and softness that is hard to rival from cotton. The bamboo is unique in that it allows you to stay cool in the summer but keeps you warm in the winter. If your budget stretches, bamboo is the best option out there.

These are 96% bamboo viscose and 4% spandex, slightly less than most of the slim fit options, providing a little bit of a looser fit that might be more comfortable for anyone who is larger than average.

It’s great to see that they’ve also gone for a very deep and wide V-neck that will allow you to wear even two or three buttons open on your dress shirt without being able to see the fabric underneath.

Unlike some of their competitors, they offer their products in a few different colors; black, grey, white and tone. This makes a change from the usual black and white, perfect for if you’re going to wear a colored shirt that might show white or black underneath.

If you’re looking for an undershirt but don’t have any problems with excessive sweat, these are some of the best on the market. The only reason they aren’t ranked higher is that there are limited reviews for us to get a good measure of their performance over time, they are very expensive and generally, we find that men looking for undershirts do need that extra sweat resistance, otherwise, they wouldn’t bother with an undershirt.

Tommy Hilfiger Undergarments

Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Cotton Classics (Slim fit, V-Neck)

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Tommy Hilfiger are known for producing good quality clothes and this is no different. For something produced with 100% cotton in either Asia or South America, the quality does appear to be good.

The reviews have been very good, in fact, they almost all positive and people claim to love the feel of the cotton, the fit and the quality of the seams. However, if we had one objection it would be that for a V-neck the collar isn’t cut deep enough and if you choose to wear more than the top button on your shirt undone, you’re sure to see the undergarments.

We would have chosen to cut the V-neck deeper, half an inch wider and added an extra half inch to the length. We’re being picky, but with such a large range of very similar products you need to pick up on the small details to make any decision.

There’s also a small logo in the bottom left of the shirt which is classic with Tommy Hilfiger and something that we are glad to see, but this might annoy some people.

The fit does run smaller than usual and so we would suggest that you size up one-size and if you’re holding some extra weight around your stomach then you might want to go up two-sizes because this isn’t a long shirt.

A pack of three can be found for less than $25, making this reasonable value but not particularly cheap. We would prefer to spend a little more to upgrade to a pack with a better V-neck.

Joseph Abboud 6-Pack

Joseph Abboud Men’s Crew Neck (Tapered fit, Crew Neck)

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These days it’s almost difficult to find a nice crew neck undershirt, the large majority are V-neck and with good reason, but there is still a right time and place for a crew neck. If you’re going to be wearing a v-neck sweatshirt then you’ll want to be wearing a crew neck underneath, however, it’s crucial that the neckline sits flat otherwise it can look scruffy.

Fortunately, the Joseph Abboud crew necks are designed to have a lie-flat collar that will always stay true to fit and sit flat, even after washing. In our opinion, they are the best crew neck undershirt.

As well as this, they’ve added a generous amount of length to their shirts to ensure that they can tuck without having to be stretched. The quality isn’t up to the Calvin Klein’s, but they are also a lot cheaper. A pack of six only costs around $38, not a budget option, but not a luxury expense either. That makes each shirt around $6, very reasonable for this quality.

Fruit of the Loom White V-neck tee

Fruit of the Loom Stay-Tucked (Regular fit, V-Neck)

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Fruit of the Loom is the most popular cheap brand for t-shirts, they make a reasonable quality product at an absolute budget price. In general, their cotton isn’t particularly soft or comfortable, but if you’re looking for a basic option then this is one the top choices.

Fruit of the Loom are relatively reliable and generally wear true to size, however, the fit across the shoulders can be tight and with a looser waist. The great thing about FOTL is that they have a wide range of colors available.

It’s fantastic to see that even a budget brand has an excellent collar, it has a very deep V-neck that’s also wide enough to be hidden even with a couple of buttons undone.

Our biggest issue is that it doesn’t appear to be tag free. On an undershirt this can be particularly annoying and although you could easily cut it out, you’ll still be left with a small amount of the tag which could irritate some people. If you’re looking for a tag free option then check out the Tommy Hilfiger or Calvin Klein options instead.

Although they claim to be pre-washed, some reviewers have complained of shrinkage in the wash and so you might choose to size-up if you’re already between sizes. This shrinkage is normal for clothes at this price range and if you want to avoid shrinking then you’ll need to up your budget and choose a more expensive option.

True Athleisure White Crew Neck Undershirt

True Athleisure Beechwood Modal (Slim fit, Crew Neck)

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We wanted to include this option on the list of best undershirts for men because it’s tough to find a slim fit undershirt that’s also a crew neck. This is from a smaller brand that we weren’t aware of before and although the reviews are limited, they are generally very positive so far.

We chose not to rank them any higher because the company is small and it’s tough to tell the quality of the products with so few reviews. Instead, we’d recommend that you give them a shot if you only need one or two undershirts.

Like some of the more expensive options, they are made with a beechwood modal which will be breathable and softer than a traditional cotton. It also has 5% elastane which will give it a slim fit, without being overly tight. If you’re holding a little extra weight then you might want to size up, it doesn’t appear these have any extra length and it might be tough to tuck-in if you’ve got a stomach.

The reviewers claim that it’s lightweight, thick enough to not be transparent and very comfortable to wear. If you’re looking for something to wear in the summer or even to the gym then this would be an excellent option.

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