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Frank Underwoods Style in House of Cards

By Jack Prenter / April 20, 2017

If you look very carefully, you’ll see that Frank has a small left-side dimple on his tie. This helps to break up the repeating pattern and give it a little more dimension. He’s able to combine a very small check pattern on his shirt with a larger striped tie, this is an excellent way to […]

The Basic Wardrobe Guide – How to Look Great With Little Effort

By Jack Prenter / December 23, 2016

​When you look at the clothes that you actually wear you’ll quickly realize that 80% of your outfits are made up of 20% of your clothes. These are your staples; reliable, easy and comfortable.The aim of this guide is to remove any thought from the shopping process. Together we’re going to put together a whole […]

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