How to Measure Belt Sizes

Measuring the length of your belt

Figuring out the correct belt length is far harder than you might imagine. Knowing how to measure a belt is vital and because of the variance in clothes sizes you can’t simply match the size of pants that you wear. Instead, we’ll show you how to measure belt sizes on your body and on an existing belt that already fits you perfectly. This guide will work for the vast majority of ready-to-wear belts and MTM companies , but you should always check the brand specifications to see how they take their measurements. If you don’t have a tape measure and are in a hurry, adding two inches to your pants size is often a safe estimate.

How to Measure a Belt from Your Waist

Perhaps the simplest way to determine your belt size is to take a measurement of your waist using a soft tape measure. Rather than taking this measurement at the narrowest part of your body, as you would normally do, take it from the position where you would normally wear your pants. For many this will be at the waist, but some men prefer to wear them a little higher or lower depending on their preference. Hold the tape tightly to your side and run it around your body, ensuring that it doesn’t shift upwards or downwards, until it passes the original point, from where you can take the measurement.

With this length you are ready to shop for a new belt. Almost all manufacturers will either list their products by a range (i.e., 32 inches to 36 inches) or by a single number (i.e., 34 inches). The lower end of the range refers to the first hole, while the higher end refers to the final hole. For manufacturers that only include a single number, this normally references the middle hole. Most belts contain five holes each separated by roughly an inch, meaning that a 34 inch belt would fit men with a waist of 32 inch to 36 inch. However, you should try to find one where the middle hole is identical to your waist if possible so that you have some leeway concerning weight gain or loss.

Measuring an Existing Belt

If you already have a belt that you love you can easily measure this so that you can buy a newer product of the same length. There are two ways to go about this; you can either measure to the hole that you use or the middle hole. Measuring to the middle hole will tell you the exact length of the belt, while measuring to the hole you use tells you the length of belt that would be ideal for you. Depending on whether your weight fluctuates and which way you anticipate it to go, one method may be better for you. For most, measuring to the hole that you use is best.

To start you must lay the belt down with the buckle facing upwards. Take a tape measure and start from the heel of the buckle, where the leather starts, and run it down to the center of the hole that you use (or the middle hole) and note the length. This is your belt length.

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