Leonardo Dicaprio’s Goatee Beard

Leo Goatee Beard

Leonardo is famous for his incredible acting, but he’s been in the press over the years for his facial hair too. From his younger years with a smooth face, he became known for his goatee and then his full-beard that he wore in the Revenant . However, it’s still the goatee and chinstrap beard than Leo is known for.

On both his head and on his face he has very straight and thin hair, as do many men of European origin. The thin and straight hair can make it difficult to have a shorter beard, but Leo manages to pull it off because of his darker hair color. We know from his full beard that he has great facial hair genetics, but it might not be obvious when he has shorter hair.

Leonardo Dicaprio Beard

It looks as if Leo has his hair at a #3 grade on a standard hair trimmer , this is 3/8th’s of an inch in length. For most men this will take around 1 months to grow. He has a tight goatee and a chinstrap that is below and on his jawline. This shape looks great on men that have oval or square face shapes , however, if you have a round face then this beard style will only accentuate the roundness.

Leo doesn’t have the cleanest facial hair and it’s not super dark either, it goes to show that the more natural look can suit a lot of men. You don’t always have to look ultra-groomed to look great.

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