Choosing the Right Men’s Hairstyles for Different Face Shapes

Mens Haircuts for Face Shape

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The oval face shape is often thought of as the perfect face shape. It’s extremely versatile and that makes it great for trying different hairstyles, facial hair trends and sunglasses. An oval face is normally well-proportioned and symmetrical, making the man more attractive.

With an oval face you want to avoid a fringe on your forehead, this will make your head appear shorter and rounder. Instead, look to take your hair up and create some volume with one of the best hair clays .


An oblong face is generally going to be the tallest shape with a boxy feel. You should avoid taking the sides too short if you’re keeping volume of the top, this will make your face even longer than it is.

Instead, try a fringe that will make your face appear shorter or keep a style that is well-proportioned and doesn’t have too much length on top or too little on the sides.


The diamond face shape is characterized by a narrow jawline and forehead, with width in the cheeks. With a diamond face shape you want to create width at your forehead, therefore you want to keep some length on the top and on the sides.

Fringes work well to add weight to your forehead and keeping it long on top can help to balance out your face shape and make it less obvious.


Round face shapes are where there are no obvious lines or angles on your face, leaving a perfect circle shape. The ideal haircut will add some definition to your face and lengthen it out.

To do this, you want to ensure that you have volume on the top and shorter sides. Shaving the sides high in an undercut or high fade will add some definition, whilst the longer hair on top will add volume and lengthen your face shape.


The square face shape is traditionally masculine, it has defined angles and is wide at all points. It’s a great foundation and extremely versatile, but most men will want to soften it out.

Square faces are balanced with a little length on top and a haircut that isn’t too defined. Classic styles like a side part or a crew cut are great choices because they round your face out and don’t offer an extra definition.


A heart shaped face has width at the forehead and tapers down to a point at the chin. This face shape is relatively rare and should be balanced out by keeping your hair longer on the top.

This face shape is noticeable because of the tapered chin, this can be balanced by keeping a short beard that will add volume to your jawline.

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